We Compared Two Popular Portable Vaporizers!

This is a fun topic for those interested in portables that still haven’t made a decision as to which one to get because today, we’re sharing with you our latest vaporizer comparison: DaVinci IQ vs Haze V3. That is a link if you didn’t realize it. If you click it, it will take you to our comparison of the IQ and the Haze 3 on LinkedIn, which is where we published it. The reason why we chose these two vapes for this comparison is due to the fact that both are relatively new hi-end portable vaporizers that have risen quickly in popularity. Being new and popular, there are quite a few folks curious how the two compare. Subsequently, here you have it, a comparison of the two from the crew at Vaporizer Shark.

Why did we choose to publish it on LinkedIn? Simple. Because we could. The much less simple reason is as follows: We wanted to publish something original on LinkedIn, a somewhat LinkedIn exclusive. We did this in a bid to attract like-minded individuals and companies, particularly on LinkedIn, to our profile with the hopes of connecting with those in the vaporizer space.

But all of that is BORING. So let’s talk more about vapes!

The DaVinci take on a modern portable vaporizer is seen in the IQ. It’s slick instrument that really feels like it’s deserving of its price tag. It has that “Apple” vibe if you know what we mean (it looks and feels slick, like a nice product). The Haze feels solid as well, but it doesn’t have that Apple-esque nature to its design. It’s bit more clumsy and clunky, almost reminiscent of an Iolite vaporizer, like the Wispr or Wispr 2. But that doesn’t stop it from producing vapor like a champ, which is something they both do relatively well. Only, the Haze doesn’t just do it with dry blends, it does it with concentrated ones as well. That’s a big difference, but not the only big difference between the two – not by a long shot. Which is in part what made this such a difficult comparison for us to make.

These two vapes both have their strengths and weaknesses, but seeing as they have some pretty serious differences, comparing these two proved to be quite the challenge. In the end, there was really one aspect that proved to be the tiebreaker: the size. As both vapes work well and both vapes have more than adequate temperature controls, vapor production, and features, the real tiebreaker turned out to be the portability factor, which is where the Haze 3.0 lost a bit of momentum against the IQ and eventually lost, but not by much. In fact, having reviewed and rated both vapes on a 100 point scale, we found that the two only differed as far as overall by a mere one point. That’s how close these two are. Neck and neck. Striving to be the best. But while both try, there’s only one real winner in our minds: the DaVinci IQ. But this isn’t to say that for some of you reading this the Haze isn’t the more practical solution because in reality, it probably is for some of you.

If you really need a portable that vapes it all, the jack-of-all-trades style Haze offers just that with its ability to vaporize waxes, liquids, oils, and dry blends. And if you’re a more social vaper, you may want to go with the Haze because it actually fairs a bit better than the IQ does in social situations. For us, the IQ is really more of a single user portable, although it can be shared with issue. The Haze on the other hand is nice for sharing because of its dual bowls and relative ease by which it can be resupplied with preloaded cartridges. So each has its place but for us, the IQ with its handy features and compact design make it the better portable for our needs.

If you want to learn more, we strongly suggest you follow the link at the top of this article that takes you to our in-depth comparison of these two popular portables because it offers considerably more insight than this relatively brief blog post here on our WordPress blog. But all the same, we didn’t want to leave you hanging so we did make a point to include the conclusion of our Haze versus IQ vape comparison, even if we did leave out a lot of the details about each vape and some of the specifics as to how we reached our conclusion. Still, you get the point and so that’s what matters.

Tried both? We’d love to hear from you and so would our readers! Let us know which one you think is the best portable vaporizer and why in the comments section below!

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Watch: How To Use A Volcano Vaporizer

This is a cool little video that Storz & Bickel put together demonstrating how to use their Volcano vaporizers. For a written overview of how to use the Volcano and some extra usage tips, check out our in-depth usage guide on our website here. You’ll also find some additional information about the Volcano series of desktop vaporizers. Or just watch the video below to see first hand how to operate the legendary king of the balloon vaporizers, the Volcano.

This video has been viewed on YouTube where we first found it over 450,000 times. That’s a lot of people interested in seeing how the Volcano works, which is in part why we wanted to share this with all of you – so you could get a chance to see for yourself just how incredible this vaporizer really is. Now that you’ve witnessed it for yourself, what do you think? Are you ready to read our in-depth review?

A little bit about the Volcano…

Sharing with those interested a bit of information about these — we say “these” because there are actually two desktop vaporizers that go by the name Volcano, the Classic and the Digit — two extremely popular plugins, the Volcano vaporizers come in two very similar, yet very different styles. The only real difference being in their temperature controls. With the Classic (this is the first version released), there’s just a dial that you turn with your fingers to adjust the temperature. It’s not super advanced but some may find it preferable. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to be the less expensive of the two when you’re talking about a price tag that’s already in the hundreds of US dollars. The other version has, instead of a knob to turn, a big display and buttons that adjust the temperature up and down. The display shows the current temperature and the temperature that you set. While not all that different, we prefer to have the big, easy digital temp controls that the Digit (that’s what the digital Volcano is called) offers. So the difference is beyond aesthetic, but it’s also aesthetic. The Digit actually looks cooler in our eyes. While that’s not a logical reason to spend the extra money to get the Digit instead of the Classic, the digital temperature controls are – for us anyways. But this doesn’t tell you what the Volcano is really all about. What the Volcano is really about is balloons. Big balloons, little balloons, and anything in between.

The Volcano uses an innovative system that some have tried to replicate to a degree but none that we are aware of have managed to do better than Storz & Bickel and that system is the balloon delivery system that the Volcano has cemented into the history books of the industry. Not to say that it’s not in use today as it very much so is. In fact, Volcano vaporizers continue to be among the most popular on the market, even with their hefty price tags. Just to say that these vapes, the Volcano vapes, have become living legends amongst serious vapers the world over. But back to our point. What the Volcano does extraordinarily well is fill plastic bags (balloons) with vapor and deliver them to you conveniently. Think of it as temporary storage so that you can puff on as much as you want as quickly as you want (once a bag is filled). It does take a bit of time to fill a bag but once it’s filled, you can casually take puffs at your leisure. What could be better? Definitely an incredible delivery system that put bag vaporizers on the map.

As for the bags of varying lengths we mentioned earlier, the reality is that there’s actually an option for those who want to use bags with custom lengths and that’s the Solid Valve kit. There are two different kits, the Solid we just mentioned where you have custom bag lengths and the Easy Valve kit that has bags that are already pre-cut to length so that you don’t have anything to mess with. With the Solid Valve, the more durable of the two, you have to cut the bags to the size you want — big or small, whatever’s convenient for you — and then attach them to the valve kit. This design, in our opinion, is better, but it requires more effort to keep up with because you’re not only cutting and attaching your bags, you’re also cleaning it. With the Easy Valve, you have less to clean because you’re actually throwing it all away and starting fresh each time with a new bag and valve.

Easy Valve vs Solid Valve

Not sure which one is right for you? If you know you’re lazy or you even so much as suspect you’re lazy, you definitely want the Easy Valve. If you have a tendency to not clean your vapes, again, go with the Easy. But if you don’t mind a bit of extra cleaning and/or you like the idea of choosing how big your bags are, go with the Solid. It’s the better, more efficient valve option in our opinion. In comparison, the Easy Valve also feels cheap, which it is and rightfully so because it’s designed to be thrown away instead of cleaned and reused. So if you’re trying to be eco-friendly, go with the Solid Valve and get more use out of it and its components before you replace them.

How to use the Volcano

While the video above (at the top of the page) already demonstrates how to use the Volcano, we just want to offer a quick overview. Also, if you didn’t already realize it, we do have a guide on how to use it on our website already so we don’t want to get into too much depth here but we will offer a brief overview of what usage entails. In order to use it, just plug it into an electrical outlet and flip the red switch to get started. When you press the red button, you’re activating the heating element, which will immediately start rising to the desired vaping temperature, which you set using the plus and minus buttons on the front of the vape. When it’s ready, the control light in the middle will turn off. While you’re waiting for it to turn off and let you know that it’s time to make some vapor, you can grind up your blend. Or if you’re using a concentrate, you can apply it to the Liquid Pad that it comes with. Then insert your blend into the filling chamber. When the control light goes off and it’s ready for you to use, just drop the filling chamber on the exhaust vent and press the other button, the green one. This will activate the fan that pushes the hot air and vapor into the balloon. When it’s filled, take it off the exhaust vent and detach the filling chamber, casting it aside. Attach the mouthpiece valve and get ready to vape because that’s all there is to it.

One difference for Classic versions: use the dial to adjust the desired vaping temperature instead of the buttons because it doesn’t have buttons, it has a dial you turn with your hand.

And that’s how you use a Volcano Vaporizer. Want to learn more about vaping and vaporizers? Check out our vape website at VaporizerShark.com!

We Just Joined LinkedIn, Come Network With Us!

The title of this entry to our blog pretty much says it all, but to reiterate and elaborate, we recently joined LinkedIn to connect with all of you and we’d love it if you’d follow us! We’re going to be sharing some original works there on their social networking platform so you’ll want to follow our account to make sure you don’t miss anything. For instance, earlier this week we published a vaporizer comparison on LinkedIn in which we compare two popular desktops, the Volcano and the Extreme Q. Which one is best? Read it to find out. Here’s a hint, it’s the more expensive of the two.

We also published a bit of self promotion in the form of an article titled, “Where To Find In-Depth Vape Reviews.” In it, we discuss the reasoning behind consulting vape reviews before buying and name drop ourselves numerous times, blatantly pointing to the fact that we, Vaporizer Shark, review vaporizers and our reviews are among the best we’ve come across. Obviously there’s some bias there, but seriously, find us some more comprehensive reviews and we’ll be sure to step it up a notch. But we doubt you’ll be able to find any because frankly, ours really are the best. We cover everything. Cleaning, usage tips, comparisons, vapor quality, build quality, features, and so on. It’s all there. Check them out. If you think we’re missing something, let us know!

Outside of creating an account on LinkedIn and publishing some original content there, we’ve actually had our hands full as of late. We’re still working on our review of the Pax 3, which is the latest Pax Vaporizer. No longer made by Ploom, this new vape from Pax Labs is something completely new. It might look the same, but trust us, it’s not. It’s a vape all its own. Just about the only things it does borrow from its predecessors are its appearance and name. Otherwise, it truly is a beast of its own. A new breed of portable that’s ripe for the new year. Packed with features that some of you have been waiting for. But you’ll have to wait to learn more because our review is still under construction. But in the mean time, we suggest taking a look at some of our other vaporizer reviews because we’ve got more than a few at this point and some of the vapes are, as you may have guessed, incredible. Others on the other hand, are not so impressive. But you’ll have to take a look for yourself to see what’s what.

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Reasons To Choose A Desktop Vaporizer Over A Portable

We’ve talked about this topic quite a bit and extensively at times, yet we find ourselves talking about it (the benefits of desktop vapes) again. The reason is because the debate continues for many people. Is it a desktop/plugin vape that you want or is it a pocket-sized portable? That’s the question a lot of folks interesting in acquiring a new vape are asking themselves and frankly, it’s a fair question to ask and one that anyone interested in buying a new vape should ask themselves before proceeding with their purchase. Subsequently, we’ve put together an article on our website, or guide if you will, covering the benefits of desktop vaporizers. In it, we note that to date, there are no portables designed to fill balloons with vapor, which leaves vaporizers like the Extreme Q and viVape 2 with an obvious edge over their portable rivals as they’re capable of offering not one, but two different types of delivery methods. There’s the whip, which is the standard in desktop vaporizing, and then there’s the balloon method that we just mentioned. But this isn’t the only reason why desktops have an edge over their portable competitors. While we’ll discuss here and now some of the other benefits, we strongly suggest you take a look at the guide we linked above because there you’ll find a much more comprehensive examination of the benefits of plugins. But if you don’t care to surf on over to our website to see the guide, that’s okay because we’re going to share some of our thoughts on the matter with you here in this blog post.

Here are some more reasons why you might prefer to use a desktop over a portable:

  • They’re often easier to use. When they have digital temperature controls, which many now do, the user interface tends to be larger, making it easier to use. The reason for this is obvious: desktops have more space to work with. In the case of portables, everything has to be compact, reducing the amount of space that its makers can work with. So when there are buttons and displays, they tend to be smaller. For the older crowd that’s into vaping, the nice, big buttons and displays offered by such vapes as the Volcano are that much easier to use. For this reason, the desktops tend to be easier to use.
  • Your chances of breaking your desktop are less than your chances of breaking your portable. Your portable is something that, for a lot of you, you’ll be carrying with you all over the place. This increases your chances of getting into a situation where you could damage it – be it from an accidental drop what have you. With a desktop, it tends to stand planted where it is, rarely moving. But if you have a whip strongly attached to it and you’re not careful, you could accidentally pull it over. Still, we’ve dropped our portables and damaged them a lot more times than we’ve damaged our desktops. So speaking from experience, we’d say that your chances of accidentally breaking your portable are higher. Just another reason why you might prefer a desktop unit.
  • Being easier to clean, on average, has its benefits. With portables, the spaces are tight and so when it comes time to clean out the air and vapor pathways, it can prove to be troublesome. Also, due to how tight the spaces are, you’ll have to clean them more often as they tend to clog more quickly. So having a desktop, while you will have to clean it, you won’t have to do so nearly as often and when you do, it’s quite a bit easier to accomplish.
  • While there doesn’t appear to be any shortage of features in modern portables, the desktops traditionally tend to offer more in way of useful features.
  • The vapor quality differs pretty greatly from desktops to portables – or at least, it used to. These days, portables like the Mighty vaporizer have set a new standard in portable vaporization as they produce vapor that’s roughly on par with what we see in high-end desktops. So this may be changing as we speak, but as it stands, the best vapor we’ve come across has been produced by the Volcano Vaporizer, which is an ultra high-end desktop with a hefty price tag. Seeing as we’ve yet to come across the portable that can trump its vapor production, we can’t help but note that if vapor quality is high on your list of considerations, it’s desktop units all the way.

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We Launched A Backup Vaporizer Shark Blog On Wix

Testing the waters on another platform called Wix — yes, the same “Wix” you may have seen advertisements such as commercials for — we went ahead and made another blog for our brand (Vaporizer Shark). While we don’t like it quite as much as WordPress, where this blog you’re reading now is hosted, we can’t help but have a soft spot for it because it allowed us to easily create a new blog within a matter of hours. Yes, it was a bit of work. No, it wasn’t quite as quick and easy as WordPress, but, for new users, like ourselves, it was a painless process. That’s saying a lot. Website and blog building platforms have come a long way since the days of coding everything in HTML, which we used to do in Notepad. Now, it’s all streamlined and simplified with the code in the background and your content in the foreground. You focus on the content and allow the platform to handle the rest (the code). But this update is less about comparing Wix to WordPress and more about the fact that we now have a “backup blog” hosted elsewhere. In case our blog here, for whatever reason, one day goes offline, we now have a solid backup in place. That said, while different, these two blogs will have some similarities as far as content goes because what we’re trying to do is keep everyone updated on not one, but two fronts. So no matter which blog of ours you visit, you should be able to keep up to date with what we’ve doing over at VaporizerShark.com (our website).

Have an interest in checking out our new blog? You can click here to see it for yourself. That’s a link to the actual blog. But just so you know, there’s actually a cool looking homepage with links to some of the more popular sections of our website, a contact form you can use to reach us, and a brief overview of us which explains what we’re all about (vaping). You can find the homepage here. We may or may not decide to add additional pages to the site, but even we don’t, you can rest assured that there will be a lot of vaporizer related content added on a regular basis – much like you see here with this blog of ours on WordPress.

Talking a little more about the platform we created our new secondary blog on, one of the aspects that we found ourselves appreciative of when tackling the task of creating our new site/blog there was the drag-and-drop editor. This made it easy to quickly remove sections we didn’t want and to alter the content to fit our needs. Customizing was a real breeze but in the end, we wish it was a little bit more flexible because we would have liked to make some alterations that we couldn’t quite figure out how to accomplish. Still, for novices, we can see where their DIY interface can take folks from zero to hero in a short amount of time. Need a new website? Done. Need to build a website for your friend, company, or whatever? Done. It takes hours at most. For novices, perhaps days. But even still, it’s pretty quick and painless for what it entails – the creation of a new site from scratch. Although you’re not really starting from scratch as like WordPress, you have themes to choose from which decide the layout of your site. Pick a theme, punch in your information, add what you need, remove what you don’t, and presto – you have a new site and/or blog. If we had to rate it, we’d give it 9/10 stars. On the other hand, we’d have to go ahead and give WordPress 10/10 stars because it’s just that much more awesome.

Note: we are a bit bias as far as this comparison between blogging platforms is concerned, in part because we’ve been using WordPress for years. So take what we say in this regard with a grain of salt, as you always should.

DaVinci Made A Really Cool Video For Their New Portable Vape

Some of you may have already seen this (doubtful for the most part), but we want to share it anyways for what we assume is the vast majority of you that haven’t seen it yet. What is it? It’s a really cool video that shows you the IQ and breaks it down for you so you know what it’s all about. Watch it:

In the video, it offers a rundown on how it works, showing the indicator lights in action, which, by the way, work really-really well. They’re kind of mesmerizing in themselves (some of you, those who already have the IQ, know what we mean). Then it jumps to the zirconia and ceramic vapor/air pathway, which we can’t help but note tastes amazing – one of the better aspects of this vape (the vapor taste/quality). Later, after the 40 second marker in the video, you can see how the IQ displays the temperature, which we found particularly impressive when we first saw it in action. Definitely a really smart way to design the “display.” We say display because, as you can see, it definitely acts just like one, only it’s really a bunch (51 to be exact) of small LED dots, which consume a very small amount of power in comparison to other types of displays – leaving more power for you to vape with. Then, there’s the app, which you can learn more about by checking out this other post here on our blog.

Anyways, that’s all for this entry. Stay tuned for more.

The Extreme Q Has A Battery?

Did you know that there’s actually a battery pack accessory made by Arizer for the Extreme Q? Yeah, a battery pack. An external one. It’s a real thing. But why? It’s not as if it makes it a compact portable, right? But there is a reason, even if it’s not something a lot of people will take advantage of and that’s the ability to move freely without the need for an electrical outlet. Let’s say you go camping, could you take the battery pack and use your EQ in the great outdoors? Absolutely. This obviously doesn’t mean you’ll be pulling it out of your pocket and taking a quick puff here and there like you might with a portable vaporizer, but as you can see, it does have its uses.

So while it might seem super practical to everyone, probably not at that, it does exist and it does have its uses. Would we suggest everyone who has an EQ buy one immediately? Absolutely not. But if you need one, buy one.

Where to get one?

For those who want it, it is not currently, at least not as far as we’re aware, being sold on Arizer’s online shop. However, it is, at the least, available from some online vape shops. So if you want one, you know where to find it. We’ll leave which store you buy it from up to you but preferably, stick with an authorized Arizer dealer – that’s our advice to you.

Technical information

The Arizer Extreme Vaporizer External Battery Pack works with both the Extreme Q as well as the V-Tower. This external battery pack–which is constructed from lithium-ion battery cells–has over-charge, over-discharge, and short-circuit protection built into it.

How long does it last?

This portable battery pack is capable of providing up to 6 hours of power.