We Compared Two Popular Portable Vaporizers!

This is a fun topic for those interested in portables that still haven’t made a decision as to which one to get because today, we’re sharing with you our latest vaporizer comparison: DaVinci IQ vs Haze V3. That is a link if you didn’t realize it. If you click it, it will take you to our comparison of the IQ and the Haze 3 on LinkedIn, which is where we published it. The reason why we chose these two vapes for this comparison is due to the fact that both are relatively new hi-end portable vaporizers that have risen quickly in popularity. Being new and popular, there are quite a few folks curious how the two compare. Subsequently, here you have it, a comparison of the two from the crew at Vaporizer Shark.

Why did we choose to publish it on LinkedIn? Simple. Because we could. The much less simple reason is as follows: We wanted to publish something original on LinkedIn, a somewhat LinkedIn exclusive. We did this in a bid to attract like-minded individuals and companies, particularly on LinkedIn, to our profile with the hopes of connecting with those in the vaporizer space.

But all of that is BORING. So let’s talk more about vapes!

The DaVinci take on a modern portable vaporizer is seen in the IQ. It’s slick instrument that really feels like it’s deserving of its price tag. It has that “Apple” vibe if you know what we mean (it looks and feels slick, like a nice product). The Haze feels solid as well, but it doesn’t have that Apple-esque nature to its design. It’s bit more clumsy and clunky, almost reminiscent of an Iolite vaporizer, like the Wispr or Wispr 2. But that doesn’t stop it from producing vapor like a champ, which is something they both do relatively well. Only, the Haze doesn’t just do it with dry blends, it does it with concentrated ones as well. That’s a big difference, but not the only big difference between the two – not by a long shot. Which is in part what made this such a difficult comparison for us to make.

These two vapes both have their strengths and weaknesses, but seeing as they have some pretty serious differences, comparing these two proved to be quite the challenge. In the end, there was really one aspect that proved to be the tiebreaker: the size. As both vapes work well and both vapes have more than adequate temperature controls, vapor production, and features, the real tiebreaker turned out to be the portability factor, which is where the Haze 3.0 lost a bit of momentum against the IQ and eventually lost, but not by much. In fact, having reviewed and rated both vapes on a 100 point scale, we found that the two only differed as far as overall by a mere one point. That’s how close these two are. Neck and neck. Striving to be the best. But while both try, there’s only one real winner in our minds: the DaVinci IQ. But this isn’t to say that for some of you reading this the Haze isn’t the more practical solution because in reality, it probably is for some of you.

If you really need a portable that vapes it all, the jack-of-all-trades style Haze offers just that with its ability to vaporize waxes, liquids, oils, and dry blends. And if you’re a more social vaper, you may want to go with the Haze because it actually fairs a bit better than the IQ does in social situations. For us, the IQ is really more of a single user portable, although it can be shared with issue. The Haze on the other hand is nice for sharing because of its dual bowls and relative ease by which it can be resupplied with preloaded cartridges. So each has its place but for us, the IQ with its handy features and compact design make it the better portable for our needs.

If you want to learn more, we strongly suggest you follow the link at the top of this article that takes you to our in-depth comparison of these two popular portables because it offers considerably more insight than this relatively brief blog post here on our WordPress blog. But all the same, we didn’t want to leave you hanging so we did make a point to include the conclusion of our Haze versus IQ vape comparison, even if we did leave out a lot of the details about each vape and some of the specifics as to how we reached our conclusion. Still, you get the point and so that’s what matters.

Tried both? We’d love to hear from you and so would our readers! Let us know which one you think is the best portable vaporizer and why in the comments section below!

This blog update and brief vape comparison summary is brought to you by VaporizerShark.com


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