Photo: Vaping With The New Arizer Air As The First Snow Falls

We’ve been vaping all day, as we often do, but today is a special day because it started snowing as the sun began to set. Why’s that special? Well, for us, it’s special because we love the snow. Snow means snowboarding, skiing, sledding, snowball fights, and all that fun stuff. In celebration, we wanted to share with all of you a little photo of the new Arizer Air 2, which is one of the vaporizers we recently published a review of on our site. It’s a popular new one and we know you’re all dying to see it in action, so here’s a little glimpse of it in use. Seeing as we already shared this photo on Twitter, we’ll just share our tweet itself so you can see the photo along with the cute little caption we gave it.

As you can see from the photo, we’re using the normal glass mouthpiece instead of the tipped one. We’re not big fans of the tipped version, but we could see how some might prefer it over the standard version that we prefer. And when you look at the picture, you might notice some obvious contrast between the black vape and the white snow, which was our intent when we snapped it.

The Review

You can see our review of this cool little vape on our website at, but don’t take that to mean that we’re not going to tell you a bit about this vape before you go – that is, if you care to read what we’ve written below. Of course, you could just as well ignore what we have to say next and jump straight to our review to see what we really think about this new vape from Arizer’s engineers.

More Information

When the Arizer Air 2 first came out, we were pretty excited to see how well it worked. After playing around with it, we were happy to find that it was somewhat exactly what we were hoping for, which is: an easy to use portable vaporizer that’s small enough for a pocket but powerful enough to fulfill its purpose.

The controls are really straight forward. All you really need to know in order to use it is that the plus and minus buttons move the temp up and down and the menu button and the minus button, when pressed at the same time and held, turn the vape on. Once on, you can press either of the temperature adjustment buttons to activate the heating element. Once activated, it’ll immediately begin to heat up to the desired (set) vaping temperature.

You might notice the beeping sound it makes when you first turn it on. If you find this annoying, you can always adjust the volume or mute it completely, which you can do by accessing the volume controls via the menu (“m” button). While we’re talking about the menu, it’s worth noting that you can also change the operating mode from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or vice versa. And you can adjust the auto-shutoff timer, brightness, and startup timer. The startup timer is a little safety feature of sorts that helps prevent the vape from turning on when you don’t intend for it to, like when it’s in your pocket. By adjusting the variable, you can determine how long the two buttons you press to power it on must be pressed and held before the vape will turn on. By default, it’s set to 6 seconds from what we recall, but we lowered it down to 4 seconds to save a little time and effort while retaining some of the insurance it offers against unintentionally turning on the vape.

To learn more about this vape, visit our website. For more tweets straight from the Vaporizer Shark crew, follow us on Twitter. If that link doesn’t work for you, you can find us on there @VaporizerShark.


Look How Hip We Are: We Bookmarked Some Things On Diigo

We bookmarked a bunch of vape related things from around the web and we made it all public via our Diigo account, which lets us share whatever we want with our friends and followers. It’s really a mess of links, not sorted all that well, and just sort of mashed together in one big list. You can sort it by the way we tagged it all, but the best way to find something in particular is likely the search feature.

Flipping through it ourselves, we see a lot of bookmarks. Some for our social network profiles, others for our blogs, and still more. Wow. We have a lot of stuff out there. We even have some links to resources on other vape sites, not our own, that we found useful. Quite a bit of information there in what Diigo calls our “Library.”

Diigo has some really cool features in case you didn’t realize. One of them is the ability to highlight anything you want on a webpage and then add notes to it. This way, you can remember exactly what it is you were looking at on a given webpage and throw in little reminders for why you bookmarked it in the first place. Obviously, you can probably find other uses for it, but that should explain to you what makes Diigo so special. It’s more than bookmarks, it’s annotations, sticky notes, and more. If you have an account, we highly recommend using the browser extension because it makes it easy to quickly take notes, highlight something on a page, or save a bookmark. Definitely worth the time it takes to install.

Not much else to say about this so we’re going to take a moment to tell you about what else we’ve been up to. We’ve been taking photos. Lots and lots of photos. They should be ready soon, we hope. Among them, there are photos of some really cool portable vaporizers. You’ll see what we mean when we finally get around to publishing the photos for all of you to enjoy. Outside of snapping cool photos, we’ve also been hard at work testing vapes, analyzing them, and reporting our findings. We haven’t published all of our findings just yet because we want to make it a point to test these vapes in as thorough a capacity as is necessary to determine their worth, so you’ll just have to wait until we’re good and ready to tell you all what we think. There are some interesting ones going through the review process right now – some old, some new. You’ll just have to wait and see what we publish first though. While it could be anything, we suspect it will be a review of an intriguing little portable that some of you have been wondering about for a long time.

That’s all for today folks. As always, you can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, two things we strongly suggest doing if you want to be kept in the loop.

What’s On Our Jimdo Blog? Find Out!

We shared a lot of updates on our blog on Jimdo (not nearly as many as we’ve shared here though) and so we wanted to compile all of them in one big list here so that’s exactly what we’ve done. Below, you’ll find a big list of all of the blog posts we shared there along with links to the posts themselves so you can view them in their entirety if you care to. We’re assuming you will because some of the topics are really quite interesting, if you vape anyways or are at least interested in vaping.

These go from the most recent, which was published just last month, to the oldest. Here’s the first one, the most recent at this time:

  • Haze Vaporizer Maker Tweeted Our Review – The title says it all: the makers of the Haze vapes, Haze Technologies, dropped a tweet with our name in it. And more than that, with a link to our review of their Haze V3, which is a really nice portable vaporizer for those that don’t know. The complete review can be found on our website under the portable vaporizer reviews section. To offer a little background information on what this is exactly, it’s a portable vaporizer that takes the 3-in-1 approach (vape it all) but it comes equipped with a feature we don’t see anywhere else: two ovens to pack your blend in. It has some really solid vapor production and it’s shaped like a flask. For more information, check out our review of it on our site.
  • Pax Vaporizers: Viability Examined – We’ve altered the title a bit here because the actual title is really long but the meaning is the same. This is an examination of the viability of the Pax vaporizers. What does that mean exactly? Well, the real question is, how viable are they? Are they long-term solutions to vaping needs or are they merely today’s solutions soon to be replaced by tomorrow’s? That’s the question that we attempt to answer in this blog post. It’s interesting. You should read it. And if you don’t know about these particular vapes, we’ll give a little background. There are currently three of them. The first one is the one now called the Pax 1. The second one is called the Pax 2. The third one is the Pax 3. With three in total, it’s probably not hard to figure out which one is the best based on how they’re named and numbered. If you couldn’t figure it out, the answer is the latest one, the Pax 3. It’s the best there is at the moment, from the Pax line of portable vaporizers that is. It’s designed to work with all types of blends, it’s really-really small, and it has vapor production that’s above average. Oh and did we mention that it has games for you to play while you vape? That’s a feature you probably won’t see in many other vapes, at least not yet. We have a complete review of this very popular, somewhat new portable on our website at if you care to check it out.
  • We Shared Ourselves On – This just sounds weird but what we meant by it is that we created a profile for ourselves on the website designed for creating one-page profiles about you, your brand, your company, or whatever. One page. One profile. Simple, right? Cool too, if you ask us. Our profile came out pretty nice and is actually reminiscent of our site as far as the overall feel and colors go. There’s not much else to this post so we’re just going to wrap this up and move on to the next post.
  • Storz & Bickel Reduces Prices On Portables – This is big news in a way, especially for anyone that’s been thinking about buying a Crafty or a Mighty, which are the two portable vaporizers that Storz & Bickel makes. Why is it big news? Because Storz & Bickel has decided to lower their prices, making them more accessible to those with tight budgets. They’re still not cheap, but they are cheaper. The Crafty is priced pretty reasonably now, which is more than we could say for it when it first came out. This is a bit surprising though coming from this company because they’re known for having held strong on their pricing for their Volcano for years and years and years. Maybe the portable vaporizer market is just too competitive for that steep pricing? Either way, works out well for consumers because the end result is the same tech, only more affordable than ever. As reference, both of these vapes are vape-it-all (3-in-1) portables that can vaporize all types of blends. The larger in size of the two is the Mighty. The more powerful of the two is also the Mighty. Both are top tier vapor producers. Neither is all that portable (they’re a bit too big for some situations). For more information, read the post or visit our site. By the way, in the blog post, we do note just how much of a price break there is now so if that was something you were wondering, definitely go and check it out.
  • Arizer Solo II Introduction – We’ve shortened this title here like we did with one of the other article titles above because the actual title is just too long. But anyways, this is an introduction of sorts explaining what the new Solo II is all about and how it compares to the original that it builds upon. Better? Yes. The best? Well, we’ll leave that to our Arizer Solo 2 review on our site to explain. That’s where you’ll find just about everything we know about this new vape and how well it works, plus how well it compares to its rivals like the IQ and Pax 3. Not sure what this even is? It’s a dry blend portable made by Arizer that has, unlike the one that it’s modeled after, a digital display that shows battery life, temperature, and all that. It’s very easy to use and it is, like the one before it, powerful, for a pocket vape anyways. Well, we should clarify in saying that it’s actually better than some plugins, especially some of the older ones like the old automatic pencil sharpener looking ones that are quite basic. It works considerably better than those. It also works better than a lot of the other portables that it contends with. And just like the one before it, we like it quite a bit. It’s a nice vape, that much is for sure.
  • Our Favorite Plugin Vaporizers – This isn’t actually covering all of our favorites, just “some” of our favorites as the longer version of this title explains. The full title is, “A Look At Some Of Our Favorite Vaporizers,” but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is what this covers and it covers a lot. We talk in great depth about some of our favorites and we like them as much as we do. In this list is actually our all-time favorite, which is the Volcano – a vape we can’t speak about highly enough. It uses the bag delivery method that it made famous, which is easy enough to explain if you’re unfamiliar: there’s a deflated balloon and the vaporizer inflates it with vapor. Once it’s full, a mouthpiece with built-in valve is attached to it, sealing the vapor inside until it’s time to come out. This is the most enjoyable way to vape indoors in the comfort of your home that we’ve come across thus far. If you ever get a chance to use one, our advice to you is to jump at the opportunity because it’s literally the best vaporizer you’ll ever use. Well, at the least, it’s the best one out right now. Seeing as it’s been the best for years though, we figure it’ll probably retain its title for some time to come, if not indefinitely. But there are other vapes on this list and they all have their own reasons for being there. Take the Extreme Q for example. Here’s a vape that doesn’t work as well as the Volcano but it also doesn’t cost as much, which in itself is a victory for it of sorts. It’s on the list because it’s versatile, has a lot to offer, and it’s inexpensive. It’s basically an awesome entry-level desktop vaporizer who those who aren’t ready to pull the trigger on an expensive balloon vape like the Volcano or an expensive whip vape like the Super Surfer. Anyways, there’s a lot to learn about stuffed in this article so if you want to find out which desktop vapes we like and why, you’ll want to read it. And as always, for full reviews, check out our site.
  • Sharks & Social Media – This is straight forward post about our presence on social media, particularly the main ones like Facebook and Twitter. We don’t have much to say here outside of this explanation.
  • Crunchbase, Meet The Shark – We’re listed in the world’s best business directory, Crunchbase! Well, it might not be the best, but it is a popular one to be listed in. We’re in there and so is just about everyone else that matters. This is run by TechCrunch and it’s pretty cool the way it’s setup. You can see our history, learn about us, see our latest tweets, and even our estimated traffic stats. So if you’ve ever wanted to truly learn more about us, you can get a good start here.
  • Vaporizer Shark Blogs – Noting the existence of our various blogs, we have this post. It highlights all of our cool little holes in the web where we talk about stuff (mostly vape stuff). This includes this blog here, the one you’re reading, which is hosted by WordPress.
  • New Vape Photos En Route – We’ve been taking some photos of vapes that we’ve been working on editing and all that before we release them to all of you and this is an update on our Jimdo blog letting everyone know that’s what we’re doing and that it’s subsequently what can be expected in the near future because we’re almost done! There will be photos of some really cool vapes, many of them portables, and even some new ones that we know a lot of you are just dying to see! We’ll update here to let all of you know when they’re done and ready to be seen.
  • We’re In The News – has covered a lot of what’s going on in the vape scene and as it turns out, we’re one of those things that they’ve covered. Pretty cool, huh? We were so impressed with their coverage of our site that we’ve decided to let everyone that follows us know about it. We tweeted it, we shared it on our blogs, and we told our friends. We’re hoping that they have more cool things to say about us soon because we can never get enough exposure for our cause! What is our cause? To test vapes and share our findings with everyone in our never-ending quest to find the best vapes.
  • Trippy Stix Rappers – Wondering what this “Trippy Stix” thing is all about? It’s all about vapor dispelled from a pen shaped vaporizer and when it comes to collaborations and artist endorsements, this one has it all. You won’t believe some of the names that have collaborated with this company and their line of luxury vape pens. You can read this article to find out who they’ve enlisted from the rap music industry to help their cause. Never going to read it? Here are some of the names: Devin the Dude, 2 Chainz, and Juicy J. Yeah. Big names.
  • Vaping Stories On Wattpad – We wrote some stories that are somewhat vapor related and we shared all of them on Wattpad where the rest of the world shares their stories. There’s a love letter to a vaporizer and a short story about beginning to vape. Both are worth reading. They’re short, but entertaining. Read them.
  • Our LinkedIn Shares – This is an overview of all of the original content we’ve shared on LinkedIn. There’s a lot of it and all of it good. We really took our time putting this stuff together and we covered some topics we thought might of interest to some of you so if you have a moment, pop on over to our Jimdo blog where you can read all about our shares and if you care to, you can even check out what we shared right there on LinkedIn because we have links to all of it in the article.
  • Behance Meets Our Jimdo Site – We actually talked about this a little bit in our last update here. We uploaded a screen capture of our Jimdo site’s homepage to Behance so everyone there can tell us what they think. We don’t have any comments yet but so far, we do have at least 2 “likes,” which are like big old thumbs up for our project. If you have an account there, go check it out and show us some love!
  • Future Portable Vaporizers – Have you ever wondered what vapes we’re going to see next? We have and that’s what this post is all about – the future of vapes, what’ll come next. While we can’t predict the future, we’ve been watching the vaping scene for a long time and so we think we have a pretty good idea of the direction it’s all headed. Subsequently, we put this together to somewhat forecast what might be around the corner for vapers. This includes some vapes that we’re predicting will exist at some point like the Pax 4, Firefly 3, and Haze V4.
  • The Super Smart IQ – Basically, this is an introduction to the new IQ, which is that DaVinci vape that everyone’s talking about. It’s a cool one and not one that we’d overlook if we were looking for a new vape to line our pockets. This is one of the most interesting out right now and its vapor production is insane. If you have nothing better to do, definitely do yourself a favor and take a look at this vape.
  • The Imperfect Crafty Vaporizers – The Crafty is a sweet vape that we can’t get enough, but it’s not perfect (what vape is?) and that’s what this vape is about: its imperfections and its qualities. There are a lot of reasons to get one, but what reasons are there to get something else? Why wouldn’t one buy this spectacular portable? Read this post to find out.
  • Company Profile: Storz & Bickel – This is a profiling of the vape company that makes the Crafty we just mentioned. They also make the Mighty, Plenty, and Volcano. Their name is Storz & Bickel and as you can see, they make some of the best vaporizers in the world, which is why we decide to profile them on our Jimdo blog. Just about everything we know about their company can be found in this post.
  • Vaporizer Shark Intro – We wanted to introduce ourselves shortly after we made our new blog so we wrote this post. It’s an introduction in which we explain what we are interested in, why we exist, what are mission is, and all that.
  • First Post – The title of this post is “A New Blog For A New Vape Review Site” and it is the very first post we ever published on the blog. We went the extra mile with this one folks so if you got the time, check it out.

That wraps up all of the posts we’ve shared there. Surely, there are more to come. But for now, that’s all there is. Thanks for reading and if you like what we’re about, follow us!

What Is Jimdo And Why Do We Have A Site There?

Jimdo is kind of like in the sense that it’s a place where just about anybody can go and make a website or a blog to share their thoughts freely with the world. And that’s the best part, the free part. The whole thing is free. Well, unless you want to pay for a better account which comes with more features and all that. But the free accounts are just fine if you ask us and because we wanted to see what Jimdo had to offer, we went ahead and made a little site. That’s a link to our little site, by the way.

What we really liked about the whole process was how easy it was. We made an account and within minutes, we had a site. There wasn’t much to it of course, but we added some thing, spiced it up a bit, and now it’s looking pretty darn good. And get this, it hardly took us any time at all. How cool is that?

We’re not saying that you’ll be able to make a site there as quickly as we did, but if you know your way around the web, it won’t take you any time at all. Definitely a nice site building platform and for the price, free, who could complain? Not us, that’s for sure.

Well anyways, we thought our Jimdo site came out so well that we actually went ahead and shared it on our Adobe Behance profile for everyone to critique and enjoy. You can see that here. Currently, it has 3 views and 2 likes but we’re hoping that’ll go up as it more and more people see it. Here’s a screen shot of the site, which is what we shared on Behance:

Jimdo Site For
This is what the website looks like, the homepage anyways. There’s more to the site than just a homepage though so check it out if you have the time!

As you can see, it looks pretty good, right? We think so. While that’s the homepage you can see above in that screen shot, there’s actually a lot more to the site than that. There’s a contact page, an about page, and a blog section. The latter of which being the most important as it’s where you’ll find a lot of our updates as well as general information about vaping, vaporizers, and all that. As we’ve already shared a lot of content in the blog section, we’re actually going to talk a bit more about all that in our next post. So if you want to know a bit more about what we’ve been up to on Jimdo where we’ve made this cool looking little site, stay tuned for our next post here on the official WordPress blog of Vaporizer Shark. But for now, we’re actually going to tell you a bit more about the homepage seen in this screen shot.

The Homepage

Obviously, there are some cool social sharing icons under the “About” section seen on the right side. The left side, the text anyways, is us sharing our thoughts on vaping and why it’s superior to smoking. It’s actually quite thought provoking so if you haven’t already, be sure to read it. The logo is something that we actually made specifically for the site. It’s simple but we think it looks pretty good.

The photo seen, which you only get a partial glimpse of in the screen shot, is actually one that we took ourselves. It’s of the last DaVinci vaporizer to come out, not the newest but the one before. It’s called the Ascent. Special? In some ways yes, but in others, not so much. It was a lot cooler when it first came out given that there weren’t so many hi-tech competitors to rival it at the time. These days, it’s a nice vape but not as good as some of the other ones that are out now, like the IQ, which is actually the newest from the DaVinci company. Anyways, that photograph was taken in the mountains of New England around sunset some years ago.

That pretty much summarizes what you see on the homepage. To learn more about what else you can find there, stay tuned for our next post!

Just In: New Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer Review

Hey everyone, it’s out. The new Air 2 Vaporizer by Arizer is finally out and we’re one of the first to review it. We got our hands on it and at first glance, we couldn’t help but notice just how small the thing is. It’s super compact. Makes the Solo look like an elephant in comparison. Not really, but you get the point. Well, now that we have our review of it published on our website, we just wanted to let you all know about it which is why we’re sharing this update here on our blog – to let all of you know.

Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer
This is the new Air II by Arizer seen in Black. It’s available in two colors at this time. You can click this image above to view our complete Arizer Air II review on our website at or continue reading below to learn more.

Just in time for the holidays, this new portable vaporizer for dry blends designed and manufactured by the Canadian vape manufacturer Arizer is sure to shake things up this season. But the big question is, is it worth buying? If you’re looking for a gift for someone you care about or just a little something for yourself, our answer in short is yes – this is one vape that’s totally worth buying this holiday season. But what makes it worthwhile and why might some prefer something else? Those are questions we’re going to answer right here and now so if you want to know, just keep on reading below because we have those answers for you.

Why Buy It?

Arizer has a track record of producing vapes that are two things: good vapor producers and inexpensive for customers. In other words, they make vapes that are good and cheap. What else could one want? Perhaps something so compact that it fits easily into just about any pocket? Check. How about something with easy to use digital controls? Check. How about a heat up time that won’t have you feeling like you’re growing old while your vape heats up? Done and done. Just about everything you want, you’ll find in the Air 2. It even has a replaceable battery design so you don’t have to let your battery running out of juice keep you down, just pop in a new one and keep on going. But what is probably the main reason why we like this vape is its vapor quality. It’s smooth, tasty, pure, and thick enough. Not the most dense, but when you taste it, you’ll understand why we appreciate it. It really is quite exceptional, to say the least.


So with all these good things, all these selling points, there has to be something wrong with it. Perhaps it’s hard to clean and maintain? Nope, it’s actually one of the easiest portables to clean. Then maybe it’s an issue with the battery life? Nope, battery life is actually quite good and given that you can swap dead ones for fresh ones, no complaints on that end. What about usage? Is it hard to use? No, but now we’re on to something. When using it, some users may notice more draw resistance than they’d prefer. If you have a problem with draw resistance, you can try packing it a little lighter and see if that doesn’t do the trick. If it doesn’t, well, you may have just run into its one drawback: draw resistance. When you draw through a vaporizer, it may feel like you’re sucking through a straw depending on how you’re using it and how it’s designed. In this case, you basically are sucking through a straw as the glass stems are more or less the size of a straw. That is, to us, the big drawback. But with the ability to pack your stems ahead of time to be used later, replace your dead battery with a fresh one, choose from a wide range of temperatures, adjust the temperature easily via digital controls, and the fact that it fits in your pocket, there are a lot more reasons to like this vape than there are to dislike it. As it stands, we love it. This is a solid vape. A top tier vape. And that’s why we recommend it to all of our friends in need of something cheap and highly portable that works well.

General Information

This new version of the Arizer Air comes with a display, a feature that the old one lacked. And with it comes a range of temperature options instead of a limitation to just a small number of preset temperatures. Now, with the new controls, users can select the temperature of their choosing from a range that spans from 122 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heat up time is better than what we saw with the last Air as it now heats up about 20 seconds faster than it used to. It doesn’t make it as fast to heat up as the Firefly 2 but it’s definitely a lot faster than before.

The entire device is less than 5 inches tall and about 1.1 inches in diameter. Translating that to give an idea of how small it is, it’s a vape that you can fit in your pocket and hold comfortably in one hand.

Cleaning it is really easy. You’re basically dumping the oven and cleaning the stems. To clean the stems, just soak them in isopropyl alcohol and then rinse them in water. If they’re still dirty, use a q-tip soaked in ISO to scrub them out. Easy.

There are a lot of accessories available for this little vape and among them is one that really stands out: the adapter. This adapter lets you connect it to a third-party glass piece. So if you have a glass water filter, you can connect the vape to it for extra smooth hits.

Like all Arizer products, the Air II is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that ensures its quality. If you actually find yourself in need of its protection, you’ll be pleased to find that Arizer’s customer service is among the best in the industry.

Learn More

As we noted at the beginning of this blog post, we actually have a full review of this vape on our website. In it, we analyze just about everything there is to analyze and we also compare its features and shortcomings to some of its biggest competitors. So if you want to know how well it works and how well it compares to the other portables out right now, then your best bet is to take a look at our full Arizer Air 2 review on our site. There you’ll learn much more about the new Air vape than you ever hoped to because we always make a point to really dig into a vape when we test it. That way, we leave nothing to mystery. It’s all there. Everything you want to know and then some. Give it a read. And if you like it, share it.

New Reviews: Crafty Vaporizer And The Crafty Power Bank

Two new reviews on our website and only one of them is a vaporizer! The vaporizer review is for the Crafty, a portable from the Volcano vaporizer company, Storz & Bickel. The other review is of a vaporizer accessory, which in this case is actually an accessory designed for the Crafty but it also works with other USB-compatible devices like cell phones and the like. What is it? It’s the Crafty’s “Power Bank,” a portable charging station that triples the amount of time you get out of the Crafty before its battery dies. This is a big deal. Why? Because the Crafty’s battery only lasts 45 minutes (roughly). That might be long enough for some, but when we’re sharing, which we do often, it’s not enough juice to make it through the long sessions we like to put on our vapes. Subsequently, the Power Bank is a must-have accessory. You need this thing. It owns. But more on that in a bit because right now we want to tell you about the vape that it’s designed to support, the Crafty.

Storz & Bickel Crafty
You guessed it, this is a the Crafty by Germany’s Storz & Bickel. And yes that is the same German vape manufacturer that makes the Volcano, Plenty, and Mighty. The lid you see with the mouthpiece sticking out of it goes on the top of the vape and actually cools the vapor as it makes it way to you. Awesome little vape. Be sure to check out our full-length Crafty review on our website at if you want to know more about this pocket-friendly little vape and its powerful heating element. This is one vape that does not disappoint!

Crafty Vaporizer Information

What really sets this vape apart from most other portable vapes we’ve tested is its crazily powerful vapor production. This thing is straight fire in that regard. By which we mean: it’s amazing. We couldn’t believe it the first time we used it – here it was, a portable vaporizer that worked better than a lot of the plugins out there. Pretty much the only thing it’s missing are built-in digital temperature controls, but that’s something that the Mighty has, which is the other Storz & Bickel portable that’s out right now – so the Crafty really doesn’t need them and it more than makes do with its app. The app, if you didn’t know, allows you to customize its temperature settings, among many other things. Without it, you’re actually stuck using the two default temperatures programmed into it when you get it. But that’s actually good enough, although we personally prefer to customize our temps to our liking. This is the only real downside to not using the app – not having the ability to adjust the temperature. Which, if you don’t use it, is a total bummer because it actually has a really wide temperature range that you can select from. For those that don’t use it, be it that they have no device compatible with the app or just don’t care to, this leaves two temperature settings to choose from, which, as we mentioned, are actually good enough. You basically have a solid vaping temperature on the default setting, which is surprisingly low but unlike with quite a few other vapes, this one works well on low temps so it doesn’t matter that the stock setting is low because it works and it works well. Need a bit more heat? How about a lot more? Hit the boost button and jack up the heat. Simple as that. Those are the two settings. We have all the exact temperature information in our Crafty review on our site. So check that out if you want the specifics of what the temp range is and what the default temp settings are for this vape. Obviously, that (our review) is also where you’ll find out exactly what we think about this vape and how well it stacks up against its competitors, the latter part thanks to the Crafty vaporizer comparison section we included in our review. That’s something that we always include in our reviews – a comparison section.

What else does the Crafty have going for it? A lot. Seriously. For instance, it can handle anything you can throw at it. It’s able to do this (support all blend types) thanks to this little insert that it comes with, the same insert that all of the Storz and Bickel vapes use to vaporize blends other than dry. And what is this little insert called? It’s called the Liquid Pad and what you do is you drop it in the oven and then add your concentrated blend to it, be it liquid, wax, or whatever, and then you vape it as you normally would. We’ve found that higher temperatures work better with these types of blends and also, when vaping them, we’ve noticed that they don’t tend to release vapor immediately as they need to heat up a little first. So if you’re vaping extracts, take a puff to get things going, and then take a nice long slow draw to really get a good hit once it’s heated up. Otherwise, without this little insert, it’s just a really good dry blend portable vape. But because of its little Liquid Pad, it’s a lot more than that – it’s an everything vape. Vape it all.

Heat up time with this portable isn’t the best we’ve seen. Subsequently, we really appreciate the fact that it vibrates to let you know that it’s ready, which is feature that you can turn off and on via the app. What happens is, you turn it on and it starts to heat up, but you stop paying attention because it’s not as quick as one might hope. Next thing you know, it vibrates. As we usually have it a pocket or resting on a flat surface, we either feel it as it shakes or hear it as it rattles. While this feature wouldn’t make a lot of sense for the Firefly 2 due to the fact that it heats up almost instantly, it makes a lot of sense for the Crafty and its much longer (comparatively) heat up time.

How It Works

This is one vape that requires no training to use. It’s so straight forward, we were able to figure out how to vape with it without even looking at the instructions. Admittedly though, to get the most out of it, we did take a look at the usage manual it comes with. This allowed us to make the most of it. Now while we could sit here and tell you how to use, TVape has already put together a video tutorial which they’ve shared on their YouTube channel – so we’re just going to drop that below and let you take a look if you care to know more about how this vape works.

Power Bank Information

Now we’re on to the next segment, which is the part where we tell you all about this handy little portable power supply that is the Crafty Power Bank. This pocket-sized battery pack that extends the usage time on the Crafty by an additional 90 minutes is powered by a 6600mAh lithium-ion battery. Any USB compatible devices can be plugged into it, which means you can charge a lot more than your vape with it. In fact, you can even charge other vapes with it, assuming that they use USB to charge. It has a 5V 1A and 2.1A output and a 5V 1A input. Also, when it comes time to charge the battery pack, you can actually plug it into your laptop or what have you to charge. It’s like the circle of life, only the circle of electronic life. Maybe that doesn’t make any sense. But our point here is that the Power Bank works with a lot of devices, giving you that much more of a reason to carry it around with you. For Crafty users, we highly recommend it. To learn more about it, you can take a look at the review we put together for it on our website. And while you’re there, don’t forget to take a look at our other fresh reviews, reviews for vapes like the somewhat new Hydrology 9 – the portable vaporizer with the built-in liquid filter that you must have heard of by now. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re definitely going to want to take a look because it is one sweet looking vape.

Power Bank For Crafty Vaporizer
This portable battery designed with the Crafty in mind can be used to extend its vape time by 90 minutes, which is tantamount to tripling the amount of time you can use it before recharging it. This is one accessory that all Crafty owners should seriously consider using because it really does make a world of difference if you feel as if it just doesn’t have enough juice in its single lithium-ion battery.

That’s all for now. We hope you enjoyed reading this little update and if you’re interested, be sure to follow us for more vape related content because that’s what we’re all about. Vape all day. Stay cool friends. Until next time!

Examining Our Work On Behance, A Vape Tech Portfolio

Combining vaporizers and web technology is no easy task, which is why we’ve spent countless hours hunched over our keyboards making it happen. The end result? Our website, this blog, and our other sites and online profiles – all about vapes, all created using modern technology. We wanted to showcase some of this work that we’ve done in the digital space to share our thoughts on vapes and vaping in general so we slapped together a portfolio on Behance that we’re taking a moment here on our blog to tell you about.

The first thing we shared on our Behance portfolio was our homepage. We snapped a screen shot of our website’s homepage and uploaded it to Behance along with a description and explanation. We described what it was we were showing the community: a vaporizer website making use of a lot of white space to place emphasis on the site’s content itself. We also explained why we went with the design, which we just mentioned in part – to place the focus of visitors on our site’s content and not on its design. Why? Because in the end, our goal is to share very specific information and we want our readers engaged with what we’ve shared with them. So instead of distracting our visitors with a flashy website design, we went with flashy content and a simple design. This way, the content — our images, videos, articles, etc — is what pops out, not the design.

While we didn’t show the entire homepage of our site in the screen shot we uploaded and shared, we did capture the top segment which shows the featured slider, the floating top bar, and more. This still leaves something to the viewer’s imagination, but for those who want to see more, there’s obviously always the option of visiting our site to see what it looks like. But we made a mistake when we shared this, we didn’t realize we were showing the HTTP version (non-SSL) of our site instead of the HTTPS (SSL secured) version of our site. This really doesn’t make a difference but we do want people to realize that our site uses SSL to encrypt data, making it that much more secure than those that don’t. This isn’t necessary for sites like ours because we’re not transferring any important information but we wanted to make a point to keep the security and privacy of our visitors in mind when we put our site together so we opted for SSL. But enough of all that, here’s a screen shot of the project as seen on Behance where we shared it: on Behance
Here you can see the project we shared on Behance. The project obviously being our website at and for this particular part of our Behance portfolio what we have here is our homepage. Below the screenshot of our homepage you can see a bit of what we wrote on Behance to describe it. Menu
This is the same screen shot of the menu we uploaded to Behance to share on our portfolio page. As you can see, it’s simple yet effective – just the way we wanted it.

The next part of our project we shared on our Behance portfolio was the site’s popup menu. This isn’t really anything special, just a clean, simple menu that’s cross-platform compatible. It’s functional and it looks good. Or at least, that’s our take on it. We included in this menu some links to the different sections of our site like the vaporizer reviews section, the portable vaporizer reviews, and so on. There are also links to sections of our site that are pretty standard today such as a link to our about page, contact page, privacy policy, and all that. There’s also a little widget that shows our top rated vape products (those which we bestowed upon our highest ratings). We say “vape products” because it’s actually a mix of both vaporizers as well as vaporizer accessories. Basically, all of the main sections of the site are contained within this pop-out menu and that’s what we wanted to showcase: our simple but effective menu. As of the time we wrote this blog post, our menu had received one thumbs up on Behance, which is similar to a “like” on Facebook. Yay, go us! Team Vaporizer Shark for the win!

Also, as you can see in the screen shot of the menu to the right, we also have links to the vape news and vape guides sections of the site. We wanted to mention those because between those two and the vape reviews section, that’s basically what our site is all about. Those are the three main categories that all of our site’s content falls into. Obviously, the site is 100% about vaping, which is exactly what we intended from the start.

Then there’s the third piece of the puzzle that we shared, which is actually our Pax 1 vaporizer review page. We wanted to not only share one of the meaty pages of our site, but also one that had a original photograph taken by us. In this case, it’s a photo of the original Pax. In the screen shot we shared of the page, you can see the way that by using a lot of white and grey, we’re able to highlight things by simply making them black. We add more emphasis by making the items bold, as is the case with a lot of the links on our site and the social sharing icons that float to the side of each page. We also noted in our description of the screen shot that the social buttons actually move to right below the image and right before the text of the article when these types of pages of our site are viewed on mobile devices. You can see the screen shot of what we’re talking about below.

Pax 1 Vape Review On
This screen shot shows the Pax 1 review on our website,

Currently, it is this glimpse of our Pax review that has received the most thumbs up on Behance, as it raked in a total of 3 thumbs up at the time we wrote this. While not super impressive, we’re happy because the ratio of views to likes is really good. In this case, out of 5 views, it received 3 likes. So most of the people that have seen have liked it. We like it too so that makes us happy! Yay, happy Vaporizer Shark!

And then there’s the last thing that we shared: the speed review part of our reviews. We wanted to showcase this because we’re actually really proud of what we’ve managed to do, which is to make it easy for our visitors to quickly see what it is exactly that we think about a vape without having to read too deep into it. We did this to save time for those who are lazy and for those who just don’t have the time to read our entire reviews because, we get it, they’re long. But for those who do want the whole picture and not just some quick summary, there’s always the option of reading everything we have to say. But this speed review makes it easy to get in and get out with the information you’re after. And we make a point to place these review summaries near the top of each review so there’s no scrolling to find it – it’s right there in front of you. Everything you want to know all in one place. Making information accessible and easy to access are two different things, but in this case, we handle both sides of that equation with grace and elegance (or so we like to think). You can see the way this looks by taking a look at the screen shot below – it’s the same one that we shared on our portfolio.

Speed Review On
This is the speed review on that corresponds with the site’s DaVinci IQ review.

That sums up this post. It might not seem like much, but this is what we’ve managed to create as far as our vaporizer website is concerned. If you ask us, we’ve done an excellent job! But the real question is, what do you think?