Photo: Vaping With The New Arizer Air As The First Snow Falls

We’ve been vaping all day, as we often do, but today is a special day because it started snowing as the sun began to set. Why’s that special? Well, for us, it’s special because we love the snow. Snow means snowboarding, skiing, sledding, snowball fights, and all that fun stuff. In celebration, we wanted to share with all of you a little photo of the new Arizer Air 2, which is one of the vaporizers we recently published a review of on our site. It’s a popular new one and we know you’re all dying to see it in action, so here’s a little glimpse of it in use. Seeing as we already shared this photo on Twitter, we’ll just share our tweet itself so you can see the photo along with the cute little caption we gave it.

As you can see from the photo, we’re using the normal glass mouthpiece instead of the tipped one. We’re not big fans of the tipped version, but we could see how some might prefer it over the standard version that we prefer. And when you look at the picture, you might notice some obvious contrast between the black vape and the white snow, which was our intent when we snapped it.

The Review

You can see our review of this cool little vape on our website at, but don’t take that to mean that we’re not going to tell you a bit about this vape before you go – that is, if you care to read what we’ve written below. Of course, you could just as well ignore what we have to say next and jump straight to our review to see what we really think about this new vape from Arizer’s engineers.

More Information

When the Arizer Air 2 first came out, we were pretty excited to see how well it worked. After playing around with it, we were happy to find that it was somewhat exactly what we were hoping for, which is: an easy to use portable vaporizer that’s small enough for a pocket but powerful enough to fulfill its purpose.

The controls are really straight forward. All you really need to know in order to use it is that the plus and minus buttons move the temp up and down and the menu button and the minus button, when pressed at the same time and held, turn the vape on. Once on, you can press either of the temperature adjustment buttons to activate the heating element. Once activated, it’ll immediately begin to heat up to the desired (set) vaping temperature.

You might notice the beeping sound it makes when you first turn it on. If you find this annoying, you can always adjust the volume or mute it completely, which you can do by accessing the volume controls via the menu (“m” button). While we’re talking about the menu, it’s worth noting that you can also change the operating mode from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or vice versa. And you can adjust the auto-shutoff timer, brightness, and startup timer. The startup timer is a little safety feature of sorts that helps prevent the vape from turning on when you don’t intend for it to, like when it’s in your pocket. By adjusting the variable, you can determine how long the two buttons you press to power it on must be pressed and held before the vape will turn on. By default, it’s set to 6 seconds from what we recall, but we lowered it down to 4 seconds to save a little time and effort while retaining some of the insurance it offers against unintentionally turning on the vape.

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What Is The Best Desktop Vaporizer?

After a comprehensive analysis of the available options at this time, we have come up with the answer to the question: What is the best desktop vaporizer? And the answer is simple, it’s the Volcano. The reasoning behind this conclusion, in our opinion, is sound. What we found was that its vapor quality is as good as if not better than the competition. Its delivery is most definitely better than the competition. And its overall usability is just as high as what we see elsewhere, if not higher. Basically, the only thing we don’t like about it is its price, which is too high for some people, particularly those on modest budgets. But for those who can’t afford it, there are Volcano vaporizer alternatives that we believe to viable and among them is the Extreme Q by Arizer, which is a lot less expensive and while not quite as good, packed full of useful features. With a lot to offer, the EQ is a nice alternative for anyone on a tight budget.

This is a topic we wrote about extensively in a recent review we published on LinkedIn, which we titled: The Best Desktop Vaporizer In 2017, A Review By – catch title, huh? In it, we basically went all out as we covered not just the Volcano but its close competitors, the ones we thought worthy of listing. There are obviously others out there and one that we notably did not include is the Herbalizer vape, which we ignored because we believe the Volcano Digit to be superior and more or less the same. Just our thoughts on the matter. Perhaps we’ll put together an in-depth comparison of the two at some point and share it with all of you. Who knows? Until then, we want to talk more about this review we just published on LinkedIn.

One of the vapes that we mentioned in it was the same we mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article you’re reading here on our WordPress blog, the Extreme Q. We mentioned it because it offers a lot of bang for your buck and we think that’s something that a lot of folks out there can appreciate, especially when they see just how much a Volcano sells for. But there’s another reason why we added it and that’s because we think it’s a good entry level vape that lets new-to-desktop vapers experience the balloon system and the whip system – the two popular vapor delivery methods employed by today’s vaporizers. There’s another vape that made the list that offers the same and it’s known as the viVape 2. Both are cool but only the viVape comes with a touchscreen and only the Extreme Q is equipped with a remote. So there are some obvious differences but both are fairly reasonably priced and both have a lot to offer, both to new vapers and experienced ones alike.

Then there’s the VapeXhale Evo, which we haven’t published a complete review of yet on our site but one that we’ve tested and found to be impressive all the same. What really sets it apart from the other vapes on the list is its water filter, which is a feature that we’ve seen poorly implemented in vapes like the VaporBlunt 2.0 DLX, but very admirably constructed and implemented in vapes like the Evo, which is basically awesome. Not quite as fun as using a Volcano but definitely up there – better than most we’d say.

And last on our list, although we want to note that this list is in no particular order, is the Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. This is a vape from the same people behind the Volcano vapes so you know it’s something legit and worth taking a look at. When we first saw it, we thought something along the lines of, “Wow, that sure does look strange but it probably works really well or else why would Storz & Bickel have their name on it?” As it turns out, it’s amazing. What it does is create a lot of vapor, or “plenty” of vapor if you will. Now that we’ve got the cheesy pun out of the way, we’ll tell you why. It’s all in the oven shape and size. The oven, or the area that holds the blend as it’s heated, is shaped like a wide disc. This provides a lot of surface area, which when it comes to vaping, is definitely a good thing. This allows the heating element to heat a lot of blend at the same time and the result is incredible – massive vapor clouds. When we say massive, we definitely mean in regards to dry blend vaporizers as we’ve seen some pretty ridiculously big clouds with vape pens that use liquid blends.

Anyways, that sums up our list of the top desktop vapes for 2017. If you want to learn more, take a look at our complete review published on LinkedIn, which we linked above. And to learn more about vapes in general or to find the best portable, pen, or whatever it is you’re interested in, check out our website at and don’t forget to follow us @VaporizerShark on Instagram and Twitter!