DaVinci Made A Really Cool Video For Their New Portable Vape

Some of you may have already seen this (doubtful for the most part), but we want to share it anyways for what we assume is the vast majority of you that haven’t seen it yet. What is it? It’s a really cool video that shows you the IQ and breaks it down for you so you know what it’s all about. Watch it:

In the video, it offers a rundown on how it works, showing the indicator lights in action, which, by the way, work really-really well. They’re kind of mesmerizing in themselves (some of you, those who already have the IQ, know what we mean). Then it jumps to the zirconia and ceramic vapor/air pathway, which we can’t help but note tastes amazing – one of the better aspects of this vape (the vapor taste/quality). Later, after the 40 second marker in the video, you can see how the IQ displays the temperature, which we found particularly impressive when we first saw it in action. Definitely a really smart way to design the “display.” We say display because, as you can see, it definitely acts just like one, only it’s really a bunch (51 to be exact) of small LED dots, which consume a very small amount of power in comparison to other types of displays – leaving more power for you to vape with. Then, there’s the app, which you can learn more about by checking out this other post here on our blog.

Anyways, that’s all for this entry. Stay tuned for more.