Reddit And The DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer In Silver Color
This is the silver version of the DaVinci IQ portable vaporizer. You can click this image to see our complete DaVinci IQ review on our website.

While we ourselves are reviewers of vapes (and knowledgeable ones at that), we couldn’t help but find ourselves curious as to what the Reddit community had to say about the latest portable from DaVinci Vaporizers, the IQ. Mind you, this is a vape that we like and have our thoughts on, which we’ve detailed in our review, but still, we found ourselves wondering what the Redditors had to say about it. And thanks to the way the Reddit website is setup, this was by no means an impossible task so we headed over to the Vaporents section of the site, which is where all the vapers get together to talk vapes, and we started combing through their comments to see what they had to say. While we can’t say that we read through everything and analyzed it all, the sampling that we did examine left a clear impression upon us: some appreciate it, some do not. But how could this be? How is it that some customers found themselves ecstatic with their new vape while others were, based on their statements on Reddit, thoroughly displeased with both the vape itself and the company’s customer service? This is a question that we then dug deeper to answer and that answer, along with the rest of our findings, can be found on our site.

DaVinci IQ Information

While we’re not going to spill all the beans here, leaving you with a reason to take a look at the analysis we shared on our site, we will tell you a bit about this vape in case you’re unfamiliar. It’s called the “IQ” and it’s made by one of our favorite vaporizer manufacturers, at least as far as portables go given that they don’t even make any desktop units at this time, the DaVinci Vaporizer company. These guys, a Las Vegas based outfit, really know what they’re doing when it comes to designing and manufacturing portable vaporizers. You look at what they’re doing as of late and it’s extremely impressive. They’re taking into account that component materials matter and depending upon where they’re located in the vape and what they do, the material they’re constructed from can be incredibly important. Take, for instance, the vapor path. We and just about everyone else that knows what’s good wants the material that the vapor path is constructed from to be as inert as possible and that’s at least one of the reasons why DaVinci decided to design their last portable, the Ascent, with a 100% glass vapor path that is glass all the way from the bowl/oven clear through to the mouthpiece. All glass, all the way. But then they got to thinking, or so we assume, that they could really one-up themselves and use something like glass, only stronger. In steps ceramic zirconia, a material that’s inert like glass, only much-much stronger. So it has the same quality that glass is often used for in smoking and vaping, only it’s a whole lot more durable. And this is just one example of DaVinci’s keen eye for detail and their proactive take on improving vaporizer technology one vape at a time.

The intelligent decisions made in the selection of materials aside, the DaVinci designers certainly have some tricks up their sleeves and when it comes to the IQ, there’s quite a few. In this case, we’re looking at a vape that’s definitely with the times as it not only has some of the most advanced digital temperature controls we’ve ever seen, it also has an app. Back to those temperature controls we just mentioned, there’s a feature that we always have to point out because we’ve basically fallen madly in love with it and that’s the boost mode. When you hit it, the heating element just kicks into full gear and starts heating up like it has nothing better to do than to prove how aggressively it can heat up. This is a feature that we often use near the end of our sessions to squeeze out whatever remains of our blend before we dump the leftovers in a container for reuse. If you don’t know what we’re talking about when we say that we make a point to save our leftovers for reuse, you’ll want to take a look at our guide on recycling vape trash. Anyways, the boost mode is just one of the numerous heating modes that the vape offers and there aren’t just heating modes, there are also other modes… We use the “…” to add a sinister effect even though there’s nothing sinister about what we’re about to tell you about, but there’s even a “stealth” mode. Guess what that does? It makes the vape disappear into the shadows like a ninja! Just kidding. But it does turn down the lights in an attempt to make it a little less conspicuous. But these aren’t the features that really get us, well not the stealth mode anyways, it’s actually the replaceable battery design that really does it for us. Well, that and the fact that this vape is basically awesome. But the battery design is one in which you can pop it out and pop in a new one in a few seconds, keeping the vaping going as long as you want it to (assuming you keep some fully charged replacement batteries handy at all times). Compared to any other system, this is the ideal. At least, that’s the way we see it at this point. Smart move on DaVinci’s part.

As far as displays go, the IQ’s is one of the coolest we’ve ever seen implemented in a portable vaporizer. It uses LED lights to convey what’s up with the vape, but not like you might think – nothing like the Pax 1 vaporizer. It actually uses a total of 51 small LED lights in a fashion that’ll make you question how an actual display could be better. This extremely energy efficient means of conveying the status of the vape is yet another way that DaVinci proves that when it comes to intelligent design, their heads are definitely in the right place.

That’s it for this blog post. You can learn more about the DaVinci IQ and other vapes by visiting our website at – a site that we strongly suggest you bookmark and homepage, but we’ll settle for just having you take a look and letting us know what you think. Thanks for reading, from your friends at Vaporizer Shark, stay healthy, wealthy, and wise.


DaVinci Made A Really Cool Video For Their New Portable Vape

Some of you may have already seen this (doubtful for the most part), but we want to share it anyways for what we assume is the vast majority of you that haven’t seen it yet. What is it? It’s a really cool video that shows you the IQ and breaks it down for you so you know what it’s all about. Watch it:

In the video, it offers a rundown on how it works, showing the indicator lights in action, which, by the way, work really-really well. They’re kind of mesmerizing in themselves (some of you, those who already have the IQ, know what we mean). Then it jumps to the zirconia and ceramic vapor/air pathway, which we can’t help but note tastes amazing – one of the better aspects of this vape (the vapor taste/quality). Later, after the 40 second marker in the video, you can see how the IQ displays the temperature, which we found particularly impressive when we first saw it in action. Definitely a really smart way to design the “display.” We say display because, as you can see, it definitely acts just like one, only it’s really a bunch (51 to be exact) of small LED dots, which consume a very small amount of power in comparison to other types of displays – leaving more power for you to vape with. Then, there’s the app, which you can learn more about by checking out this other post here on our blog.

Anyways, that’s all for this entry. Stay tuned for more.

New Vaporizer Reviews: DaVinci IQ, Ascent, And Arizer Extreme Q

Your favorite vape reviewers have added some new vaporizer reviews to their growing website and we’re pretty sure at least one of these is sure to pique your interests – the newer of the bunch, we imagine. What’s that? The new DaVinci IQ, of course. Which, as it turns out, is more impressive than you might think. But for those who are already familiar with the DaVinci Vaporizer company, it probably doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to find that they’ve released yet another hi-quality portable into the market. As for the other two vapes, the Ascent (also by DaVinci) and the Extreme Q by Arizer, these are a couple of vapes that we’ve thoroughly tested over the course of what has now been years and so we wanted to make a point to compile our thoughts and put them on paper (well, digital paper) to share with everyone.

Real quick, if you didn’t know, we basically exist to act as a filter. We test vapes and tell you whether or not they work and just how well they work if they do so that you don’t end up buying some lame vape that turns you off to the idea of vaping. Or in other words, we’re a filter, designed to protect you and your wallet from bad buys. As for the vapes we’re talking about today, none of these are bad vapes, but we definitely prefer one in particular over the others.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review

VaporizerShark's DaVinci IQ Review
This is a screen grab of the DaVinci IQ vape review on our website. Clicking this image will take you to the complete review of the IQ on our website at

Out of the three vapes we’re here to talk about today, there’s one in particular that has impressed us more than the others and that’s the latest vaporizer to come out of the vape labs at the DaVinci Vaporizer company – the IQ. This is a beast of a portable vape. To us, it somewhat adopts a similar design philosophy to one of its popular rivals, the Pax. In keeping things simple and ditching the screen in favor of indicator lights, DaVinci has managed to create a portable with an unassuming appearance, but packed in underneath that simple facade is a mountain of vaporizing technology that makes it one of the most innovative and powerful portable vaporizers today. If it seems like we’re talking it up, we’re not. It really is one of the best portable vaporizers out right now and that’s saying a lot given that some of the portables out there are actually pretty impressive. The industry has come a long way and the IQ, frankly, is proof.

What makes the IQ so good? For one, the vapor quality. There aren’t many vapes that can match it in terms of vapor quality and even less that can surpass it. Among portables, there are less than a handful from what we’ve tested that produce vapor of quality that is either equivalent to or better than the IQ. But beyond vapor, which to some is 90% of the equation, there are the features – of which, the IQ certainly has no shortage. But unlike some of the random features we’ve seen incorporated into vapes, what the IQ offers is actually useful. These are features that you’ll actually use, most of them anyways. Take, for instance, the ability to dim the lights. While you might not feel the need to dim the lights to go incognito, you may find this feature useful when you’re laying in bed at night, taking a few puffs before you pass out. Another useful feature is the ability to turn on its vibration-style alerts. These are great for when you’re not paying attention and waiting for it to heat up while it’s tucked away in your pocket as a quick vibration lets you know it’s ready to go. Our point being, its not loaded down with bloatware and gimmicks, just useful features that enhance its overall usability.

But getting to somewhat of the hard data here, the IQ is covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. It comes with an app that, while useful, isn’t necessary to use the device. With it though, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of being able to customize the heck out of your sessions as far as the temperature is concerned, as the app allows you to create custom temperature flows for your sessions, which DaVinci calls “Smart Paths.”

It has all kinds of accessories, like extra batteries and various replacement parts. And seeing as we just mentioned it, the extra batteries, we’re suddenly reminded of one of the reasons why we really like this vape. Its design, like such vapes as the Haze 2.5, allows for the battery that powers it to quickly and easily replaced by the user. What this means, in essence, is endless vaping. You can just swap out dead batteries for fresh ones whenever you want, making your vaping sessions go as long you go. Definitely a cool feature that we think more portable vape manufacturers should consider incorporating into their vape designs because it sure is a whole hell of a lot better than waiting around for your vape to recharge.

Now here’s something about the IQ that might not seem like much, but trust us, it is. Cleaning this vape won’t be accomplished without some effort, but unlike some of the other portables we’ve tried to clean, it can actually be cleaned in its entirety. Yes, this is a big deal. Why? Because when you can’t clean all it out completely, you end up with problems like pieces that should move, like the mouthpiece, getting sticky or stuck. Also, the pathways getting clogged, preventing air and vapor from traveling freely through to your mouth. These issues range in annoyances to serious design flaws and thankfully, the IQ doesn’t have to deal with them because it was obviously designed with this concern in mind.

Accessories aren’t always necessary but sometimes they’re just so good, you really can’t pass them up. In steps the Honeybird Core. This is one of those accessories that you will want to pick up. It’s not cheap and it’s not necessary but adding a water filter that actually works to your already awesome vape is something that you’ll just have to do when you see how well it works in combination. But we’re not going to tell you too much about that right now so if you want to know more about how well the Nectar Collector Honeybird Core works with the DaVinci IQ, you’ll just have to read our full DaVinci IQ review. In it, we’ll tell you a lot more about the IQ than you might care to know and we’ll also tell you, perhaps most importantly, just how well it really works and how it fares against the competition. For now, we’re onto the next part of this blog post: the part where we tell you about DaVinci’s other vaporizer — well, one of their other vaporizers — the Ascent.

Ascent Vaporizer Review's Ascent Vaporizer Review
This is a screen shot of the Ascent vape review we shared on our website,

When it first came out, we were intrigued. After we tested it, we were impressed but we couldn’t help but see some room for improvement. While it’s still a decent vape, especially as far as portables are concerned, the reality is that there are now better portables to choose from and its successor, the IQ we just discussed above, is one of them. Still, seeing as there are still people buying them, we’ll tell you what you know about this pocket-sized vape by DaVinci.

The Ascent does something that not a lot of dry blend vapes do and that’s vape more than dry blends. It comes with glass oil jars which can be used to vape extracts. All you do is load them up then drop them in the heating chamber. Straight forward and simple. But be warned, they get hot so you’ll want to give them some time to cool off before you handle them without protection. Otherwise, use the tools that are provided to handle them when hot. And as a tip, they work better without their lids on but they also make more of a mess so the choice is yours, messy with better vapor with the lid off or cleaner with lesser vapor with the lid on. Up to you. We like to use it with the lid off and then get really thorough with our cleaning to make up for it.

As far as temperature controls go, the Ascent’s are awesome. They’re digital so all you need to do is press the up and down buttons (“+” and “-” buttons on the face) to adjust the temperature whichever way your heart desires. There’s also a feature that we see somewhat perfected in the IQ that we first saw in the Ascent and that’s the session temperature programming feature which lets you set the desired vaping temperatures for your session. You can set multiple temperatures and tell it how long to hold them before moving to the next temperature. Pretty cool feature but it works even better with the IQ.

The taste is something that we can’t help but comment on. The Ascent’s glass on glass (100% glass pathway) ensures that every hit tastes just as good as you’d hope. And that’s saying a lot given how many portables taste like garbage. But taste isn’t everything, although it is admittedly a big variable when assessing the vapor’s quality, and so we also want to touch up on the density. Is it the most dense vapor we’ve ever seen? No, but for a portable, it’s better than average. We’d even go as far as to say that it’s good. But at the very least, it’s totally acceptable. If you’re expecting huge hits, don’t – but if you’re looking for visible vapor that tastes great, you’ve found a solid vape.

Cleaning the Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci isn’t super easy but it is doable. That’s more than we can say for some vapes so take it for what it’s worth. You will spend some time cleaning it, especially if you’re using it to vape your concentrated blend types. On the upside, the glass components that compose the vapor pathway are pretty easy to clean – you basically soak them in isopropyl alcohol and then rinse them in water. A quick scrub or wipe down if necessary before allowing them time to dry. Definitely not the most difficult to clean, but with regular use, you’ll find yourself cleaning it somewhat often.

Style wise it’s hard to say that this vape looks anything short of awesome. The appearance is great and with all of the different options as far as colors and patterns are concerned, we feel confident that most folks will find a flavor that appeals to them. So as far aesthetics are concerned, we think DaVinci did a really nice job designing it.

If this brief review of the Ascent is falling short of expectation or you’re just not learning what you want to do about this vape, take a look at our complete review as we dive into the depths of what this vape is and what it’s all about. You’ll find technical information, comparisons, and more. It’s all there. Basically everything you’d ever want to know about it and more. But if this just doesn’t seem like the vape for you, continue reading because we’re going to tell you about an older desktop vaporizer that has done well to make a name for itself as a hi-quality desktop with a very reasonable price tag.

Extreme Q Review

Vaporizer Shark's Arizer Extreme Q Review
This is a screen shot of the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review on

Wow. This vape is still around? If that’s what you’re thinking the answer is yes and yes for good reason: this thing works. And if that wasn’t reason enough for it to remain relatively popular after all this time, it’s also very well priced and offers more than you might expect, especially for how little it costs. So what’s it all about? With the EQ, it’s all about bargain- offering a lot for a little. This is something that Arizer has somewhat become known for, well, that and good vapor. The Extreme Q is one of those vapes that you use for the first time and receive immediate confirmation that vaping is a very real thing. We say this because unlike the cheap wooden box vaporizers that you may have seen at one point or another, it actually produces some thick, tasty vapor. And it does it with style.

With a sleek, black tower and a cool blue colored light that glows on the bottom, it’s not hard to see why we say that the EQ “does it with style.” But while it looks nice, it’s also extremely practical. It has a pretty standard whip setup that works really well and it also has an option that you don’t find in a lot of whip vapes: the bag (or balloon). By offering both the whip and the bag, the EQ offers novice vapers the opportunity to try it all and to do so for cheap. This way, you can see if you really like the idea of the balloon before you break the bank and buy a Volcano. But just so we’re super clear, the EQ’s bag delivery isn’t nearly as good as the Volcano’s so if you like it even a little, rest assured that the Volcano’s is that much better.

Temperature controls are, for a lot of people, an important factor. Fortunately, Arizer did it right and put together a digital temperature control system for the EQ that’s accurate and easy to use. It spans across a wide temperature range, giving the user a lot of wiggle room as far as their vaping temperature is concerned. To us, this is definitely a good thing because different blends vape at different temperatures and the best temperature is something that is best left to the user to decide. After all, we’re not all the same.

For those who are lazy or just don’t mind a little extra convenience, the EQ has a remote control. It is literally the first vaporizer we’ve ever seen with a remote control. A nice feature, especially if you’re into ambient vaping (aromatherapy). You can press the power button to turn it on, then adjust the fan speed and vape temp to your liking – all from across the room.

Still want to know more about the Extreme Q? You can find our complete review here. In it, you’ll find comparisons to other desktop vapes like the Volcano, viVape 2, and more.

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