Reasons To Choose A Desktop Vaporizer Over A Portable

We’ve talked about this topic quite a bit and extensively at times, yet we find ourselves talking about it (the benefits of desktop vapes) again. The reason is because the debate continues for many people. Is it a desktop/plugin vape that you want or is it a pocket-sized portable? That’s the question a lot of folks interesting in acquiring a new vape are asking themselves and frankly, it’s a fair question to ask and one that anyone interested in buying a new vape should ask themselves before proceeding with their purchase. Subsequently, we’ve put together an article on our website, or guide if you will, covering the benefits of desktop vaporizers. In it, we note that to date, there are no portables designed to fill balloons with vapor, which leaves vaporizers like the Extreme Q and viVape 2 with an obvious edge over their portable rivals as they’re capable of offering not one, but two different types of delivery methods. There’s the whip, which is the standard in desktop vaporizing, and then there’s the balloon method that we just mentioned. But this isn’t the only reason why desktops have an edge over their portable competitors. While we’ll discuss here and now some of the other benefits, we strongly suggest you take a look at the guide we linked above because there you’ll find a much more comprehensive examination of the benefits of plugins. But if you don’t care to surf on over to our website to see the guide, that’s okay because we’re going to share some of our thoughts on the matter with you here in this blog post.

Here are some more reasons why you might prefer to use a desktop over a portable:

  • They’re often easier to use. When they have digital temperature controls, which many now do, the user interface tends to be larger, making it easier to use. The reason for this is obvious: desktops have more space to work with. In the case of portables, everything has to be compact, reducing the amount of space that its makers can work with. So when there are buttons and displays, they tend to be smaller. For the older crowd that’s into vaping, the nice, big buttons and displays offered by such vapes as the Volcano are that much easier to use. For this reason, the desktops tend to be easier to use.
  • Your chances of breaking your desktop are less than your chances of breaking your portable. Your portable is something that, for a lot of you, you’ll be carrying with you all over the place. This increases your chances of getting into a situation where you could damage it – be it from an accidental drop what have you. With a desktop, it tends to stand planted where it is, rarely moving. But if you have a whip strongly attached to it and you’re not careful, you could accidentally pull it over. Still, we’ve dropped our portables and damaged them a lot more times than we’ve damaged our desktops. So speaking from experience, we’d say that your chances of accidentally breaking your portable are higher. Just another reason why you might prefer a desktop unit.
  • Being easier to clean, on average, has its benefits. With portables, the spaces are tight and so when it comes time to clean out the air and vapor pathways, it can prove to be troublesome. Also, due to how tight the spaces are, you’ll have to clean them more often as they tend to clog more quickly. So having a desktop, while you will have to clean it, you won’t have to do so nearly as often and when you do, it’s quite a bit easier to accomplish.
  • While there doesn’t appear to be any shortage of features in modern portables, the desktops traditionally tend to offer more in way of useful features.
  • The vapor quality differs pretty greatly from desktops to portables – or at least, it used to. These days, portables like the Mighty vaporizer have set a new standard in portable vaporization as they produce vapor that’s roughly on par with what we see in high-end desktops. So this may be changing as we speak, but as it stands, the best vapor we’ve come across has been produced by the Volcano Vaporizer, which is an ultra high-end desktop with a hefty price tag. Seeing as we’ve yet to come across the portable that can trump its vapor production, we can’t help but note that if vapor quality is high on your list of considerations, it’s desktop units all the way.

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