How Well Does The Pax 3 Work With Extracts?

This is a question that keeps coming up so we decided to put together a review of the Pax 3’s extract lid/insert, which is what it uses to transform itself from a dry blend vaporizer to a concentrate vaporizer. While you can read the review for yourself, we’ll tell you about our answer here. Just know that you can learn more about it by checking out our full-length review.

Pax 3 Extract Lid
This is the lid/insert that the Pax 3 uses to vaporize concentrates/extracts.

Before we get into all that, we’re going to tell you about the newest Pax vaporizer, which is number three in the procession. Pax 3 is, like the other Pax vaporizers, super compact and really easy to use. It has a lot more options than the original and it works much, much better than the original. The concentrate insert, which works with the Pax 2 and 3, replaces the normal oven cover. Once attached, you can drop a little bit of blend in it and it’ll vaporize it quickly and efficiently. The only real downsides to the attachment are as follows:

  • Doesn’t hold that much blend. It looks like it does, but if you put too much in it, you won’t like the results. Just use a little drop, nothing more. Something about the size of a pea should do the trick.
  • You really need to clean it often to keep it working properly. So make sure you stay on top of the cleaning because its performance goes down rapidly as it gets dirty.

Those are our two complaints and really the only issues with it. It doesn’t hold much and it needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, it works great. But what it doesn’t do is compare to the best concentrate-only vaporizers out there. We personally much prefer some of the pen vapes out there to the Pax 3 when it comes to concentrates, but the option to do both (dry+concentrate) is really nice and one of the many reasons why we’re quite fond of this new version of the Pax.

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Pax 4 Rumors, Pax 3 Information, And Cheap Volcano Vaporizers For Sale On Amazon

This is somewhat of a significant update from the team here at Vaporizer Shark. We’ve been hard at work putting together some interesting content for all of you to enjoy and we think you’ll be impressed when you get a chance to take a look at what we’ve managed to piece together from our combined insight into the vape scene.

Pax 3 Info

Starting things off with what we published most recently, we put together a quick guide for novices who just aren’t sure what a Pax 3 vaporizer is, but it’s not just for novices as experienced vapers might also learn a thing or two about the latest Pax by reading it so regardless of your level of expertise, there’s a good chance you’ll want to read it. Summarizing a bit of what you’ll find in it, we talk about what the Pax 3 is, how it works, what it’s for, its features, options, price, dimensions, where to buy it, and more. Here’s a hint on that last one: the answer is not Amazon, which we’ll explain a bit in this next segment.

To add a little context to what we’re talking about here, the P3 as we’re going to refer to it right now is one of the most well known portable vaporizers there is. Its predecessors have really helped pave the way for its arrival, gaining a lot of attention along the way. The company that makes them has some serious funding behind it and a team of really bright people running the show so pretty much everything we see out of them is impressive in one way or another. The P3? No exception. It’s compact, literally just as compact as the Pax 2 for that matter, which is the one that came before it. And when we say compact, we really mean it. As in, this vape can fit in your pocket and you’ll hardly notice it – if you notice it at all, that is. It has a lot of cool features which surprisingly even includes games. Wait, did we just say this vape has games? Yeah. You can play games. How cool is that? If you ask us, the answer is very. As in very cool. Another feature that you just can’t overlook is its concentrate insert, or concentrate lid. Whatever you want to call it, this addition snaps right in and lets you vape concentrates. Without it, you can only vape dried blends. But with it, the world is yours, basically. Love this little vape. One of the best around right now, at least of the ones we’ve tested. Now onto the next.

Should You Buy A Cheap Volcano On Amazon?

Cheap Volcano vaporizers for sale on Amazon? Think again. Amazon isn’t about the vape, at least not as of present. So for now, if you see something on there, perhaps it’s legit, perhaps it’s not, but either way – there’s a chance Amazon doesn’t even know it’s there because they don’t seem to be too fond of vape sellers listing their inventories on their site. So for now, the best place is to buy it either direct from the manufacturer, Storz & Bickel, or from an authorized retailer. You can click right here to take a look at our article about this very topic, it’s titled: Cheap Volcano Vaporizer For Sale On Amazon? But then again, you already know the answer. Still, there’s more information in it that we’re not bothering to reiterate here so if you want to know more, just take a look for yourself.

Not sure what a Volcano is? While we feel like we’re repeating ourselves here given how many times we’ve described what it is and how it works to our friends both online and off, we’ll reiterate ourselves what be the millionth time. The Volcano is a vaporizer, a very popular one, that’s made in Germany and distributed worldwide. It’s one of the best ever made (seriously) and it’s one of the most fun to use. The way it’s designed, you’re basically filling a bag with vapor and then attaching a mouthpiece a valve on it to the bag so that you can you trap the vapor and hit it when you want. Does it work? Phenomenally well. Are there options with it? Yeah but just a few. You’re basically deciding between the digital version and the analog, we guess, version. These are known as the Digit Volcano and Classic Volcano. Which is better? The Digit. Which costs less? The Classic. Then there are the valve types. These also correspond with bag types. With the “Easy” version of the valve, you have a kit that’s designed to be used and then thrown away and replaced. The bags for this kit are one size. With the “Solid” version, the bags are whatever size you want them to be and the whole thing is intended to be cleaned and reused. No matter what options you choose, what you’re getting is incredible. We don’t say it lightly when we refer to this vape as the best there is. If you need a desktop vaporizer, this is the one to get.

Pax 4 Rumors

And the last thing we want to share with you right now is all about a vaporizer that doesn’t currently exist, at least not as far as we or the public at large are aware. Not yet anyways. And that vape is the… drum roll… Pax 4 vaporizer! Does it exist? We don’t know! Is it under construction? Maybe! That about summarizes what this article is about, although we do get into greater detail. So if you’re wondering when the Pax 4 comes out, we basically have no information whatsoever because we have yet to hear of any potential release date, just rumors that it’s in the works but those are rumors we have been unable to validate. So for now, the next Pax will remain nothing more than a ghost – some will believe in it and others will not. For us, we won’t write it off but we’re waiting until we see something tangible or some formal announcement from Pax Labs. Until then, we’ll just keep on wondering like the rest of you.

Feedback Request

We want to know what features you think the next Pax should have. Perhaps it should use a standard 18650 lithium-ion battery design that allows the user to swap the battery out quickly and easily. Or maybe it should have a big LED display. What do you think? Use the comments section below to let us know!

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New Review: Pax 3 Vaporizer

Pax 3, the latest in the Pax vaporizer series, came out late last year (release date: November 2016). Now that it’s nearly a year old, which is fairly old given that vape years are much like dog years, it’s about time we got around to sharing our thoughts on it, which we’ve done in the form of our recently published Pax 3 review. For reference, you can click that link to check out our full review or continue reading as we share some thoughts on what we discovered during our extensive testing. Mind you, the real review can be found on our site, this is just a brief overview coupled with a recap of what you’d otherwise find discussed in great depth in our full review.

What is Pax 3?

Pax Vaporizer 3
Meet Pax 3, the latest iteration of the Pax Vaporizer by PaxLabs. This is the “Rose Gold” color, one of the color options currently available.

Wondering what this bad boy is? It’s a vaporizer, a portable one. And it’s not like many of the other vaporizers you might have come across, that is, unless you’ve come across a Pax before. In which case, if you’re familiar with the last one, the Pax 2, you’ll find the two to be very similar. In comparison to the original, it’s literally worlds apart – it’s just that much better, so much better that there’s hardly anything worth comparing between the two. But in comparison to the Pax 2, what we found is a better vape. We liked the second one, but this third one, wow. What can we say? It really is worthy of its status as a top tier vape on our site. Why? Well, just look at the features. It has just about everything shy of replaceable battery, which is one aspect that we don’t really appreciate given how handy it is to be able to replace a drained battery for a fully charged one. But looking passed this minor fault, this is one vape that you just have to see for yourself. It’s beautiful. Reminiscent of an Apple product, which is something that we’ve said before while discussing the original. And it’s true, only it’s more true now than it ever was.

This sleek portable with its unassuming appearance packs a lot under its pretty exterior. For example, it uses haptic feedback, which some of you might not be familiar with by name. This is the technical term for the technology that senses you, the user. And in the case of this new Pax vaporizer, it works really well as it literally detects your lips on the mouthpiece. Why would you want it to do this? Well, for one, it’s nice to have a vape that knows when it’s in use. This way, the vape can work in your favor, adjusting the heat while it’s in use and cooling it down more quickly while it’s not in use. And that is exactly what it does. It even has different modes to adjust the heating and cooling. So if you’re looking for powerful hits, it has a setting for that. But if it’s conservation you want, well, there are efficiency-minded settings for that as well. Accessing these settings is easy thanks in part to the new app that Pax Labs released to accompany it. With it, the app, you can do more than take control over the heating element as it allows you to adjust the temperature to a temperature (within its range) of your choosing. As if that wasn’t cool enough, it also offers some free games, which you might actually find entertaining. We found the spin-the-bottle variant to be particularly appealing – a nice way to get vaped with your friends.

Games are cool, but what else can it do?

We talked about the haptic feedback, we talked about the games, and we even briefly dived into the temperature controls, but what we haven’t talked about it is what it can do. Which is why we want to take a moment to take note of the fact that this is a dual-use vaporizer. While last we checked, damage caused by vaping concentrates isn’t covered under the manufacturer’s limited 10-year warranty, this vape can handle concentrated blend types in addition to the more standard dry blends. How well does it work? Given its small size, we’d have to say that it works surprisingly well. It could be better, as we see with the Crafty and Mighty vaporizers, but for how small it is, it’s actually really impressive. But vaping concentrates and dried blends is what some have come to expect from modern portables in light of such vapes as the Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci, which really did well to set the bar high for the rest of the portable vaporizer manufacturers. So what else can this pocket-friendly vape do? Quite a bit. For instance, it’s capable of dropping into stealth mode, which entails lower lights and less smell. For those who want to vape without drawing attention to themselves and what they’re doing, it’s a nice little feature to take advantage of. But all these things aside, the real question is, how well does it stack up to its competitors?

In comparison to the DaVinci IQ, which we have a review for here, it fairs well. We actually rated it slightly higher on our website in part because it’s dual-use, whereas the IQ is not, and because it’s more compact – making that much more portable. But in comparison to the likes of Storz & Bickel’s Crafty and Mighty, it doesn’t fair quite as well given that both of the aforementioned produce vapor on par with high-end plugins. Yeah, they seriously are that good. But is it worth buying? That’s the question we’ll answer next.

Worth the money?

While we can’t answer this question for everyone given that we don’t know everyone’s situation (budget, preferences, needs, etc), what we can say is that the Pax is an awesome vape for those who need something small with a low odor. In comparison to other vapes of its type, it’s not as stinky. For those who are trying to be inconspicuous with their vaping, this is definitely a good thing. Then there’s the size aspect. It might not be as small as the Magic Flight Launch Box, but it’s small enough to literally fit into any pocket we’ve considered putting it in. And it, in our opinion, works quite a bit better than the MFLB. So when you look at all of this and take into account the fact that it’s cheaper than some of the other high-end portables, it quickly becomes obvious, at least to us, that the Pax 3 is a reasonably priced portable vaporizer that brings a lot to the table. If you want to know more, we suggest taking a look at our review, which you can find on our site at or simply following the link at the top of this page (in the opening paragraph).

Pax 3 Comparisons

We spent a bit of time during the review process comparing it to other vapes, popular ones, direct rivals really. And what we found was that the P3 actually does quite well against the competition, which you might not gather from what we said about it in comparison to the Crafty and Mighty, but those are literally the best of the best at the moment and even then, the P3 is substantially smaller than either – so it’s easy to see how some might prefer it over either of the aforementioned portable vapes. As far as we’re concerned, its real competitors are the Firefly 2, the latest Firefly vaporizer, and the IQ, the latest DaVinci vaporizer. We have in-depth comparisons between the P3 and the Firefly 2 as well as the IQ embedded in our full-length Pax 3 vaporizer review so if you want to see how they compare, take a look – you might even be surprised by what we found. We know we were.

The Maintenance

Real quick, before we end this little update to our blog that you’re reading, we want to talk about the maintenance requirements for this vape because that, to us, is an important topic. With portable vaporizers, the cleaning can be a real disaster, which is why we were extremely pleased to find that the new Pax is actually pretty easy to clean. The original was a joke when it first came out. If you didn’t clean it enough, which was really hard to do mind you, the mouthpiece would get sticky and then eventually, it’d just get stuck. Obviously that was pretty far from ideal, especially seeing as the mouthpiece coming out activated the heating element so if it got stuck, which it would, no heat, no vapor, pointless device. Right? So now with this version, none of that is an issue. It’s actually one of the easier vapes to clean and even if you don’t, you won’t run into any problems surrounding the mouthpiece getting stuck because it just doesn’t happen. Big improvement there.

Temperature Options

And real quick because we’re already talking about this vape so much, we just want to talk a little bit about the temperature controls. You basically have five options. The first four are programmed into the unit and can’t be changed but the last one, the fifth option, is one you set yourself using the app. So if you don’t have a smartphone or similar app-compatible device, you’ll be missing out on this fifth temperature setting which is whatever temp you want to set it to. The temperature range on the Pax 3 starts at 360 degrees Fahrenheit and ends at 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Not the widest range but good enough if you ask us. However, we would have preferred to see the top end of the range a bit higher, perhaps another 15 or so degrees. But even without those extra degrees, it’s still hot enough to vape concentrates so that’s good enough for the most part.

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