Our Pax 3 Review Was Cited By Vaporizer Wire

In a vape news update from VaporizerWire.com, our very own review of the Pax 3 vaporizer was cited. In the article, Vaporizer Wire cited our Pax 3 review while discussing the outlook of various vaporizer reviewers as their views pertain to the new Pax. Among those cited were Business Insider and Forbes, which are a couple of great sites that we’re proud to be mentioned alongside of. Similar to ours, the reviews on the aforementioned sites reached a similar conclusion: the new Pax is a sophisticated piece of vaping equipment that the modern vaper should definitely take into account when considering which new vape to buy.

Now everything cool and nifty about this aside, we couldn’t help but notice how they pointed out our take on the Pax 3 as it pertains to vaporizing liquids. Does it work? Yes, but we don’t advise it. And if you do choose to do it, as they note in their coverage, be sure to only use a drop – maybe two. No more. This way, hopefully nothing will run into the vape and cause any damage. Also, you’ll want to make absolutely certain that you’re using the right attachment – the concentrate insert. Otherwise, you’ll almost surely damage the vape. But while we say all this, we just want to be super clear: as far as we are aware, the Pax 3’s limited manufacturer’s warranty will not protect against any damage caused by liquids, be they e-juice or what have you. So if you do decide to use it for this purpose, be warned – your warranty may very well not have you covered if anything goes wrong during the process. For this matter, its limited manufacturer’s warranty, to the best of our knowledge, does not protect against damage caused by concentrates or the concentrate insert so be careful!

Back to their coverage of our review and the reviews of others, we just want to note that not everyone feels the same about the latest Pax. Some have been quick to note that it doesn’t produce vapor on par with the larger Crafty and Mighty but yet with its small size, wide array of features, and not terrible price tag, it’s a more than decent buy for those who have portability in mind. In fact, Business Insider recently named it one of the best vaporizers. But is it really? To answer that question, we’d like to refer you to our own review in which we too rated it one of the top vaporizers we’ve tested thus far.

You can read our second to last blog post to learn more about the Pax 3 or you can visit our website at VaporizerShark.com to learn more about the vaporizers we talk about here on this blog.