We Launched A Backup Vaporizer Shark Blog On Wix

Testing the waters on another platform called Wix — yes, the same “Wix” you may have seen advertisements such as commercials for — we went ahead and made another blog for our brand (Vaporizer Shark). While we don’t like it quite as much as WordPress, where this blog you’re reading now is hosted, we can’t help but have a soft spot for it because it allowed us to easily create a new blog within a matter of hours. Yes, it was a bit of work. No, it wasn’t quite as quick and easy as WordPress, but, for new users, like ourselves, it was a painless process. That’s saying a lot. Website and blog building platforms have come a long way since the days of coding everything in HTML, which we used to do in Notepad. Now, it’s all streamlined and simplified with the code in the background and your content in the foreground. You focus on the content and allow the platform to handle the rest (the code). But this update is less about comparing Wix to WordPress and more about the fact that we now have a “backup blog” hosted elsewhere. In case our blog here, for whatever reason, one day goes offline, we now have a solid backup in place. That said, while different, these two blogs will have some similarities as far as content goes because what we’re trying to do is keep everyone updated on not one, but two fronts. So no matter which blog of ours you visit, you should be able to keep up to date with what we’ve doing over at VaporizerShark.com (our website).

Have an interest in checking out our new blog? You can click here to see it for yourself. That’s a link to the actual blog. But just so you know, there’s actually a cool looking homepage with links to some of the more popular sections of our website, a contact form you can use to reach us, and a brief overview of us which explains what we’re all about (vaping). You can find the homepage here. We may or may not decide to add additional pages to the site, but even we don’t, you can rest assured that there will be a lot of vaporizer related content added on a regular basis – much like you see here with this blog of ours on WordPress.

Talking a little more about the platform we created our new secondary blog on, one of the aspects that we found ourselves appreciative of when tackling the task of creating our new site/blog there was the drag-and-drop editor. This made it easy to quickly remove sections we didn’t want and to alter the content to fit our needs. Customizing was a real breeze but in the end, we wish it was a little bit more flexible because we would have liked to make some alterations that we couldn’t quite figure out how to accomplish. Still, for novices, we can see where their DIY interface can take folks from zero to hero in a short amount of time. Need a new website? Done. Need to build a website for your friend, company, or whatever? Done. It takes hours at most. For novices, perhaps days. But even still, it’s pretty quick and painless for what it entails – the creation of a new site from scratch. Although you’re not really starting from scratch as like WordPress, you have themes to choose from which decide the layout of your site. Pick a theme, punch in your information, add what you need, remove what you don’t, and presto – you have a new site and/or blog. If we had to rate it, we’d give it 9/10 stars. On the other hand, we’d have to go ahead and give WordPress 10/10 stars because it’s just that much more awesome.

Note: we are a bit bias as far as this comparison between blogging platforms is concerned, in part because we’ve been using WordPress for years. So take what we say in this regard with a grain of salt, as you always should.