Vaporizer Shark Joined The Crunchbase Business Directory

TechCrunch, a news publisher dedicated to the coverage of technology and startups, is the force behind Crunchbase, which is somewhat of a research arm for their company that helps them gather data on companies and their individuals. While this might not have any significance to you, it does to us as we like to keep up with the latest happenings in the world of tech and new tech startups are a big part of that. That’s something that we fall into, the world of tech and new tech startups, as we ourselves are a tech startup of sorts. With this in mind, we went ahead and added ourselves, Vaporizer Shark, to the Crunchbase database of company profiles, which we later tweeted about on our official Twitter account.

Impressed with how few likes and retweets our tweet received? We’re not. We would love to see our social media presence expand on social networks like Twitter, but as it stands, we’re just too focused on delivering fresh content to all of you – content that’s not just fresh, but accurate, in-depth, and interesting as well. And that just simply takes up too much of our time, leaving us with not enough free time to try and expand our reach by increasing our following. While that’s a bit of a bummer for us, the upside is that all of you can still visit our website at anytime and find all kinds of fresh new content churned out by our knowledgeable team of vaporizer aficionados.

Anyways, here’s a link to our Crunchbase profile so that you can take a look if you’re interested. It’s really not anything special, but for us, it marks a pivotal moment in our existence: the day we joined Crunchbase and became that much cooler. We’re joking about that last part, but it does mark the day we joined their business directory. We wonder if anyone will find us on there that isn’t reading this or checking out our twitter? It seems kind of obscure to us, like the kind of thing people don’t just stumble upon. Maybe we’re wrong. Who knows. Anyways, enjoy. That’s it for this post. We’ll update again soon. So stay tuned for more because it’s coming at you.

Advertisements Is Now On And Weebly

We’re trying to increase our presence on the web so we’ve gone ahead and established a profile for ourselves on, a social site of sorts for people, businesses, and whatever else might be applicable. In our case, our vape review site has jumped on their social network and put together a cool looking little profile showcasing ourselves in a way that we believe to be appealing. You can see it here. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

Vaporizer Shark On
Above is a screen capture of our page on

As reference, if you take a look at it, you may notice some of the hashtags we used to describe ourselves: #technology, #music, #food, #arts, and #hiking. We just want to take a moment to explain a bit about these tags. We love technology – computers, vaporizers, and just about every other bit of tech that might come to mind. We also love music. You can even find us at festivals at times, sometimes giving away vapes, accessories, and swag. Didn’t know that about us? Yup, it’s true. So if you happen to hit the music festivals around New England, there’s a chance you’ll run into us. Then there’s food. Who doesn’t love food? Right, we’re not freaks or anything so yeah, we like food and we like it a lot. In fact, our founder is an avid foodie who loves to cook so if you ever run into him, be sure to grab a bite to eat because he cooks some of the most delicious concoctions on the planet. Then there are the arts. Like many people, we prefer to have art on our walls because what’s better, a wall with nothing on it or a wall covered in art? The answer, to us, is obvious: a wall covered in art. This isn’t limited to paintings and photographs, it extends far beyond these two aspects of art, plunging into the depths of design and creation. If it intrigues, entertains, or inspires us, there’s a good chance we want it. Have some art you want to show us? Use our contact page to send it to us. Then there’s the last tag, hiking. It’s probably obvious to most of you but we used this because we’re avid hikers. You can find us in the woods on most days – one of the benefits to living in the mountains. So there you have it, some background on who we are and what we like.

Then there’s our new website on Weebly, which is more of a blog than an actual website. Like this blog here on WordPress that we’re making a point to maintain, you’ll find a bunch of information about vaporizers composed by yours truly. We don’t share quite as much on it as we do here, but don’t let that stop you from checking it out because we’ve got some really good articles published there. To give you an idea of what we’ve been sharing and what you can expect to see there in the future, here’s a list of the articles that we’ve published there. Don’t expect us to update this list because we probably won’t so if you want to know what’s new over there on our Weebly blog, you’ll just have to take a look for yourself.

  • Welcome To Our New Vaping Blog – This is the title of our first post on our blog there. We basically just introduced ourselves to our visitors and shared some information on ourselves, how to contact us, where to find us, and all that good stuff. Nothing special here, just an introduction to us, Vaporizer Shark.
  • The Pax 3 Vaporizer, We Reviewed It And Here’s What We Found – This is a pretty long post about our Pax 3 review. We took a lot of time putting this together so there’s a lot of information packed into it about the new Pax vaporizer. Definitely worth taking a look at if you haven’t already read our review, which is something you a can find on our site. Anyways, in it, we talk about the Pax 3 app, whether or not we recommend it, how it compares to vapes like the new Storz & Bickel portables, its heat up time, features, size, vapor, and more. So again, if you don’t know much about it or if you haven’t read our review yet, take a look because you’re going to like what you read and you just might find yourself with a new vape in mind for your next purchase.
  • The Summit+ By Vapium, A Quick Review By Vaporizer Shark – Wow, what a tough little vape this is, the Summit Plus. We didn’t realize how rugged this little guy was until we got a chance to take it for a spin and now that we have, we’re impressed. Not so much with its vapor production, which is okay, but with its durable design – great for those who like to venture outside. So if you like to hike around in the woods like we do, this is a vape that you might actually want to take a long hard look at because it’s water-resistant, tough, and compact. In this blog post, we talk about what it’s capable of vaping, what kind of warranty it has, the battery that powers it, its temperature range, how it compares to some of the other vapes on the market, and our final thoughts on the vape. Don’t know much about it? Read this because you’re going to learn a lot.
  • Pax 1 Vaporizer, The Original Ploom Portable For Loose-Leaf – This isn’t a new vape, it’s actually pretty old now, but we wanted to let everyone that hasn’t heard about know about it so we shared this article on our Weebly blog explaining what it’s all about. This is pretty comprehensive so if you don’t know a lot about it, you’ll probably learn a thing or two. Not as comprehensive as the full review we published for it on our website but there’s enough information in there to make it a worthwhile read, perhaps even a comment or two that we didn’t include in our review so even if you’ve caught that, you may want to take a look at this still. In it, we talk about its manufacturer, Pax Labs, problems with its mouthpiece getting stuck, its cleaning and maintenance requirements, changes, differences between it and the newer versions (Pax 2 & 3), color availability, vapor quality,warranty, battery, and more. So again, if you don’t know much about it, do yourself a favor and take a look. Admittedly, it’s not all that important given that the new version is a lot better but for those who like to know what’s what in the vape scene, it’s worth a gander.
  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Extreme Q Vaporizer By Arizer – This is undoubtedly our most in-depth article published on our Weebly blog. In it, we talk about basically everything there is to know about the Arizer Extreme Q. This is a whole bunch of information about the latest version, EQ 4.0, which is one of the most full-featured desktop vapes with a reasonable price tag. What do we talk about in this article? The EQ’s delivery methods, how it uses convection to vaporize, temperature range, heat up time, tips on how to use it, blend types it supports, warranty coverage, and more. This is a lot of information so if you’re not looking for a long read, you may want to avoid it. Then again, our Extreme Q review is actually considerably longer and more in-depth but that’s something that we strongly suggest you read because it’s really packed full of useful information – pretty much everything you’d ever want to know (more so than this article).

So that about does it. We made a new Weebly blog, posted some original articles about ourselves and vapes, and we made an profile. That’s what we’ve been up to and now that you know we’re avid hikers, we might as well tell you that we’re off to go hike and vape so we’ll see you all later. Thanks for stopping by!