Calls The Vapium Summit Plus ‘The Vape For The Great Outdoors’

While there are a number of portable vaporizers to choose from, some more fragile than others,’s Daniel Starkey seems to believe that the Vapium Summit+ is a good vape for those who love to be outdoors. Why? Because it has, as Starkey puts it in his review of the Summit+ published on, a “thick, hard shell” constructed from a durable polycarbonate. Which, according to Starkey, gives the impression that it’s “sturdy enough” to take a bit of a beating.

Vapium Summit+ Vaporizer
This rugged portable vaporizer above is Vapium’s Summit+

In contrast to some of the other vapes we’ve tested, Starkey’s analysis seems correct given that some of the vaporizers out there feel like they’ll break if you happen to drop them. And for that matter, some of them will break if you drop them so be careful when you’re out and about vaping because an unlucky fall could more or less destroy your vape. Take for instance the Ascent. While we’re definitely fans, we can’t help but note that all of the glass components make it relatively fragile in comparison to vapes that don’t make use of glass, instead opting for such materials as stainless steel.

Summit+ Product Information

The Summit+ is available in three different colors and costs approximately $150 at the time we wrote this article. Its manufacturer, Vapium, describes it on their website as the very first “splashproof” vaporizer. Its enclosure, the outside casing, is rated IP54, which means it is water-resistant, or “splashproof” as Vapium says, but it’s not actually waterproof so it should be fully submerged in water. Obviously this water-resistance adds to its durability as those who venture outside know the risk that water poses to their electronics. Fortunately, Vapium took this into account when they created the Summit vaporizer.

Another Reference

And if you thought that Starkey was the only one who thought the Summit Plus was a tough little vape, we can’t help but note that other vaporizer reviewers thought the same. Take for instance, who referred to it in their review as “one of the toughest little portable vaporizers” that they’ve come across. Which they found somewhat surprising given how little it costs. But its durability aside, there’s definitely more to consider for those wondering whether if it’s the right vape for them, which is why we’ve decided to tack on some variables to consider when buying a new vape so keep reading if you want to know more about how to choose the right vaporizer.

Portable Vapes — Which One Is Best?

Trying to determine which best is the right one is a bit more of a task than some care to undertake, which is why a lot of folks look to the reviewers to tell them what’s good and what’s not. But while this has its obvious benefits (time saving, expertise, etc), there is at least one downside: you’re not them. Everyone has their own personal preferences in life and when it comes to our vapes, it’s not much different. So while reviewers such ourselves and those mentioned above are valuable resources in the quest to find the right vape, we all have our own needs and preferences. Which is why you should ultimately decide for yourself which vape to get. So here are some things to take into account to help you in that task. And by things, we mean some variables to consider when buying your next portable.

  • How long does the battery last before it needs to be recharged? For most portables, batteries are what powers it all. Back in the day, there were vapes that ran on butane like the Iolite vaporizers, but today, it’s all battery power. If the vape is designed for the battery to be quickly swapped out by the user for a fresh one, that’s a definite plus – especially if they’re rechargeable batteries. This way, you can keep a pocket full of fresh batteries to keep you going. But when it can’t be easily swapped out, one should take into account how much vape time they can get before they need to charge it because this will ultimately determine just how viable the vaporizer really is.
  • How small is it? Will it fit in your pocket or purse? When you’re talking about a portable, size is crucial as it ultimately determines the portability of the device. If it’s too big, you won’t find yourself carrying it around with you like you might prefer. If it’s too small… well, is there really such a thing? The smaller the better, basically. But sometimes, you might be willing to sacrifice a bit of portability for the sake of superior vapor production, which is exactly what countless Mighty and Crafty vaporizer users have done. So size is important but it’s not everything.
  • How good is the vapor? At the end of the day, the vapor has to be good or a vape just isn’t worth buying. After all, that’s what it’s designed to do (produce vapor) and that’s why you bought it (to vape). So if the vapor isn’t good, maybe it’s a sign to look at a different vape.
  • Does it vaporize liquids, waxes, dry blend, etc? While it depends on what you want to vape, this is definitely a point to consider: is it designed to handle the types of blends you intend on vaping? If the answer is yes, you’re off to a good start.
  • Is it easy to clean and maintain? While nobody wants to clean their vape (or at least not most people), there comes a time when it needs to be done and if it’s not relatively easy to do, there better be something about that vape that makes up for it because cleaning vapes can be a real pain depending upon how they were designed. This isn’t the most important factor, but definitely something to consider.
  • Is it too warm to the touch? Some vapes get hot, especially portables, and not in places you’d want them to get hot. Obviously the oven should be warm, but should the mouthpiece as well? Check the vaporizer reviews (you can find ours here) out there to make sure the vape you’re looking at doesn’t get too hot because you don’t want to feel like you’re getting burned every time you use it.
  • Does it have any problems? If everything sounds good, you should still check to make sure that there aren’t any problems with the vape you’re considering buying.

That about does it for this segment – our what to look for in a portable vape section of this article. If you want to learn more about vapes, visit our website at or reach out to us via the contact form on our blog or website. Thanks for stopping by! From Vaporizer Shark to you, stay cool friends!