Our Mini Vape Site On Wix Came Out Really Well, We Thought We’d Share!

So we made a little mini-website on Wix a while ago but we were looking at it again recently and realized: we put together a nice little site! While this might not be blog-worthy reading material for some of you, we thought it was worth sharing and with it, a little bit about what we’ve been up to on it as of late. So if you care to know, continue reading because we’re going to talk a bit about it.

Vaporizer Shark Wix Site
This is a little screen capture that shows part of the homepage of our Wix site, the part that displays the three latest blog posts. As you can see, the latest three posts there pertain to the last three vapes we published reviews for on our main website at VaporizerShark.com – the Pax 3, Digital Volcano (Digit), and the Arizer Solo II.

We made this little mini vape site back in August of this year. Now that some time has passed, we’re revisiting it and seeing how much cool content we’ve already added to it since we started it and we’re impressed with what we’re seeing. Heck, it’s only October 3rd right now and already we’ve added a fresh new piece of content – a partial review of the new Arizer Solo 2 which came out not long ago. We actually have the complete review up on our website but you should already know that if you keep up with our blog here on WordPress because we dedicated our last post here to talking all about it. So you must have seen it. Either that or you don’t keep up with our blog, which we suggest you do! You can even “follow” our blog here on WordPress so you never miss an update! Which is obviously something we strongly suggest doing, that is, if you even like to vape bro. Haha, we joke. But seriously, follow our blog. And then visit our site at VaporizerShark.com because that’s where we keep all of the good stuff – our full length vaporizer reviews, guides, and more. It’s all there. Check it out if you know what’s good for you because we are one of the most comprehensive vaping resources on the web and we’re growing every day. Anyways, enough with the heavy serving of self-promotion, we’re going to talk more about what we came here to talk about and that’s our little Wix website.

When we call it a mini website, we really mean just that. It’s not just a blog. If it was just a blog, would it have a separate homepage? We think not. And being as that is the case, it has its own separate section for the blog. So obviously it’s a website seeing as it has all this, just a small one. No big deal. We like it. It’s cute. It does what we want it to do and it’s really easy to manage because Wix did a pretty darn good job of making some easy tools to make website building and managing straight forward and simplified. Definitely easy enough for us, thankfully. In fact, it was so easy to setup it’s actually given us plenty of time to add new content to it, which is something we did a bit of very recently when we added a fresh piece about the newest Arizer vaporizer, the Solo II. This is a vape that was on our radar early on and when we got a chance to review it, we jumped on the opportunity because just about every vaporizer of theirs has been pretty much incredible, especially when you take into account how inexpensive they price them out for. And lo and behold, it’s another top notch vape. But that’s a topic (how well the Solo 2 works) that we’ve already covered in great depth recently both on our website and here on our WordPress blog so we’re not going to get into all that now other than to say what we just said. So if you want more information on it, you know where to find it.

Now back to our little Wix site. What we really like about it, or at least one of the things we really like about it, is its homepage. It looks great the way the content is meshed together. Everything looks nice, functions well, and basically – we just don’t have any complaints as far as it’s concerned. But we do have a complaint with something else and that’s the horrible looking sub-domain that is part of the URL to our site. It just looks bad. But for having paid nothing to use Wix’s tools and have them host our little site, we are definitely not complaining. Much so the opposite. That’s a lot for nothing. Definitely appreciate the free space and complimentary site building tools. If you haven’t, you may want to check them out for yourself – they make building a little site pretty quick and painless even for a novice that doesn’t know a thing about how to build a site.

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Why Our Weebly Website/Blog Makes Us Sad

We put a lot of effort into creating a little website with a blog attached to it over on Weebly. Here’s why we’re not happy with the outcome.

Thus far, WordPress, for us, has proven way easier to use. This isn’t very surprising given that we have more experience using this platform. But we’d heard good things about the Weebly.com website building software and so we gave it a spin and after the dust settled, it looked like a big steamy pile of garbage baking in the hot summer sun. What happened?

Well, for one, we couldn’t get it to look the way we wanted it to. We didn’t have a cool graphic to use at the top so we used some water that looks, well, not good. Then we couldn’t find a font we liked. The layout itself seemed drab. Very bland. So in the end, it doesn’t look good. Right now, we’re thinking about going back in and spicing things up with a little bit of TLC. Will we actually do it? Hopefully. But our priorities are elsewhere. We’ve got a website, VaporizerShark.com, that requires a lot of attention and we’d like to give it to it instead of messing around with blogs that came up looking pretty darn crumby. So we’re going to put a pin in this. We’ll hopefully revisit this to make it look better. If not, don’t even worry about it because we’re not worried about it. Instead, keep checking back here at blog at VaporizerShark.WordPress.com because this is where we post the bulk of our updates. This is, if you didn’t know, our MAIN blog. So bookmark it. Save it. Do whatever you have to do to make it easy for you to come back because you’re going to be seeing a lot of updates here and they’re going to come pretty frequently. For you WordPress users, follow us!

Want to see what our Weebly site looks like? You can visit it here. Or you can just look at the screen shot we took below. It doesn’t do a good job of showing you the whole site, but it’s probably pretty obvious at a glance that it doesn’t look nearly as cool as this one.

This is a screen shot showing what the homepage of our little site/blog on Weebly looks like. This is not something we’re extremely proud of. Definitely wish it looked better. You win some, you lose some. Our main website, VaporizerShark.com, looks about 8 billion times better. Seriously. Check it out if you don’t believe us!

Analyzing it a bit, it seems a little redundant. Like it says our name at the very top and then again right beneath that in a bigger, somewhat terribly conveyed fashion, and then our name appears again before the page cuts off. The last time being the little about us “Author” box we decided to include in the column on the right for people who visit it and don’t know who we are or what we’re about. Was this a good idea? We’re not sure but we did it anyways. Then there’s the almost eerie amount of white on the page. It really makes the bad fonts and the bad banner at the top stick out more. While we can appreciate a simple setup, this is just poorly executed in our opinion. Now, we do want to point out that we didn’t actually design the layout itself, we just customized it a bit with Weebly’s drag-and-drop style do-it-yourself website builder software that they offer to everyone. It made it fairly easy to pull off but the result was less than we were hoping for. We mostly blame ourselves, not Weebly’s software, for how poorly it turned out. We could have put some more effort into it to make it look better but alas, we did not, so what is there to say other than we’ll try to improve it when we have the time. But for now, given that it is relatively new, we think we’ve done an alright job.

What do you think? Looks pretty bad, huh? Yeah. Not our finest work. That much is for sure. So what do you think? Leave a comment letting us know what you think if you care to. You can use the comments section below to do just that!

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Hello World, We’re Vaporizer Shark

Greetings WordPress.com community, vaporizer enthusiasts, and whoever else might read this. We are Vaporizer Shark, a team of vaporizer reviewers with a website: VaporizerShark.com. On our site, you’ll find our vape reviews, guides, and industry news updates. Here on our blog, you’ll find updates from our team, primarily updates about our site. So if you want to stay up to date with what we’re up to, you can simply follow this little blog we’ve created here on WordPress.

Why we started vaping.

For us, vaping was something that we all looked at as an alternative to smoking. Combustion seemed like a thing of the past and vaporizing, well, to put it simply- the future. Nowadays, there are plenty of viable vaporizers to choose from, which allows us to use the vapes that suit us best. This brings us to our next topic, why we created our website.

What Vaporizer Shark is all about.

This whole idea behind vaporizer shark revolves largely around the idea of testing vaporizers and sharing our findings through our website.

Why we review vapes.

Given how many vapes there are in the market, it’s no easy task finding the vape of your dreams. With so many options to choose from, some find it hard to know where to start. And that’s where we come in. We exist to help guide those interested to vapes that suit them best. Not all vapes are the same and not all vape users the same. So we’re here to help people find what they need while avoiding the bad vapes because there are, unfortunately, quite a few bad ones out there.

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