Examining Our Work On Behance, A Vape Tech Portfolio

Combining vaporizers and web technology is no easy task, which is why we’ve spent countless hours hunched over our keyboards making it happen. The end result? Our website, this blog, and our other sites and online profiles – all about vapes, all created using modern technology. We wanted to showcase some of this work that we’ve done in the digital space to share our thoughts on vapes and vaping in general so we slapped together a portfolio on Behance that we’re taking a moment here on our blog to tell you about.

The first thing we shared on our Behance portfolio was our homepage. We snapped a screen shot of our website’s homepage and uploaded it to Behance along with a description and explanation. We described what it was we were showing the community: a vaporizer website making use of a lot of white space to place emphasis on the site’s content itself. We also explained why we went with the design, which we just mentioned in part – to place the focus of visitors on our site’s content and not on its design. Why? Because in the end, our goal is to share very specific information and we want our readers engaged with what we’ve shared with them. So instead of distracting our visitors with a flashy website design, we went with flashy content and a simple design. This way, the content — our images, videos, articles, etc — is what pops out, not the design.

While we didn’t show the entire homepage of our site in the screen shot we uploaded and shared, we did capture the top segment which shows the featured slider, the floating top bar, and more. This still leaves something to the viewer’s imagination, but for those who want to see more, there’s obviously always the option of visiting our site to see what it looks like. But we made a mistake when we shared this, we didn’t realize we were showing the HTTP version (non-SSL) of our site instead of the HTTPS (SSL secured) version of our site. This really doesn’t make a difference but we do want people to realize that our site uses SSL to encrypt data, making it that much more secure than those that don’t. This isn’t necessary for sites like ours because we’re not transferring any important information but we wanted to make a point to keep the security and privacy of our visitors in mind when we put our site together so we opted for SSL. But enough of all that, here’s a screen shot of the project as seen on Behance where we shared it:

VaporizerShark.com on Behance
Here you can see the project we shared on Behance. The project obviously being our website at VaporizerShark.com and for this particular part of our Behance portfolio what we have here is our homepage. Below the screenshot of our homepage you can see a bit of what we wrote on Behance to describe it.
VaporizerShark.com Menu
This is the same screen shot of the VaporizerShark.com menu we uploaded to Behance to share on our portfolio page. As you can see, it’s simple yet effective – just the way we wanted it.

The next part of our project we shared on our Behance portfolio was the site’s popup menu. This isn’t really anything special, just a clean, simple menu that’s cross-platform compatible. It’s functional and it looks good. Or at least, that’s our take on it. We included in this menu some links to the different sections of our site like the vaporizer reviews section, the portable vaporizer reviews, and so on. There are also links to sections of our site that are pretty standard today such as a link to our about page, contact page, privacy policy, and all that. There’s also a little widget that shows our top rated vape products (those which we bestowed upon our highest ratings). We say “vape products” because it’s actually a mix of both vaporizers as well as vaporizer accessories. Basically, all of the main sections of the site are contained within this pop-out menu and that’s what we wanted to showcase: our simple but effective menu. As of the time we wrote this blog post, our menu had received one thumbs up on Behance, which is similar to a “like” on Facebook. Yay, go us! Team Vaporizer Shark for the win!

Also, as you can see in the screen shot of the menu to the right, we also have links to the vape news and vape guides sections of the site. We wanted to mention those because between those two and the vape reviews section, that’s basically what our site is all about. Those are the three main categories that all of our site’s content falls into. Obviously, the site is 100% about vaping, which is exactly what we intended from the start.

Then there’s the third piece of the puzzle that we shared, which is actually our Pax 1 vaporizer review page. We wanted to not only share one of the meaty pages of our site, but also one that had a original photograph taken by us. In this case, it’s a photo of the original Pax. In the screen shot we shared of the page, you can see the way that by using a lot of white and grey, we’re able to highlight things by simply making them black. We add more emphasis by making the items bold, as is the case with a lot of the links on our site and the social sharing icons that float to the side of each page. We also noted in our description of the screen shot that the social buttons actually move to right below the image and right before the text of the article when these types of pages of our site are viewed on mobile devices. You can see the screen shot of what we’re talking about below.

Pax 1 Vape Review On VaporizerShark.com
This screen shot shows the Pax 1 review on our website, VaporizerShark.com

Currently, it is this glimpse of our Pax review that has received the most thumbs up on Behance, as it raked in a total of 3 thumbs up at the time we wrote this. While not super impressive, we’re happy because the ratio of views to likes is really good. In this case, out of 5 views, it received 3 likes. So most of the people that have seen have liked it. We like it too so that makes us happy! Yay, happy Vaporizer Shark!

And then there’s the last thing that we shared: the speed review part of our reviews. We wanted to showcase this because we’re actually really proud of what we’ve managed to do, which is to make it easy for our visitors to quickly see what it is exactly that we think about a vape without having to read too deep into it. We did this to save time for those who are lazy and for those who just don’t have the time to read our entire reviews because, we get it, they’re long. But for those who do want the whole picture and not just some quick summary, there’s always the option of reading everything we have to say. But this speed review makes it easy to get in and get out with the information you’re after. And we make a point to place these review summaries near the top of each review so there’s no scrolling to find it – it’s right there in front of you. Everything you want to know all in one place. Making information accessible and easy to access are two different things, but in this case, we handle both sides of that equation with grace and elegance (or so we like to think). You can see the way this looks by taking a look at the screen shot below – it’s the same one that we shared on our portfolio.

Speed Review On VaporizerShark.com
This is the speed review on VaporizerShark.com that corresponds with the site’s DaVinci IQ review.

That sums up this post. It might not seem like much, but this is what we’ve managed to create as far as our vaporizer website is concerned. If you ask us, we’ve done an excellent job! But the real question is, what do you think?


New Review: Hydrology 9 Vaporizer

For those of you who keep up with our blog, you already knew this was coming because we talked about in our last post, but the day has come – our Hydrology 9 vaporizer review is finally here. You can see it on our site. And for those of you that don’t yet know about this impressive “portable” vaporizer by East Bay, California’s Cloudious9, it has a water filter built directly into it. Not some attachment, but part of the vape itself. And it runs on battery power, technically making it a portable we guess. But let’s be real, it’s not all that portable when it doesn’t fit in your pocket. Don’t let that fool you though, this is definitely a vape to consider – even if it isn’t all that “portable.”

Hydrology 9 Portable Vaporizer VS Water Bottle
As you can see, it’s by no means a massive vaporizer, yet the Hydrology 9 is far from the most portable. It stands at just over six inches tall. You can click this image to read our complete Hydrology 9 review on our website at VaporizerShark.com

Initial Impression

When we first caught wind of that, we were 100% interested in seeing for ourselves what it had to offer. When we saw what it looked like (awesome) and heard what it did (water filtered vapor on the go), we had to see what it was all about and knew quite a few of you there would want to know what was up with it so we rushed to push out our review. Given that we’ve rushed ourselves a bit more than we typically would prefer, we want to note that even now, with our review published, there’s a chance we may make some changes to it as we continue to test and review the Hydrology9. So keep an eye out for updates here on our blog as we may be letting you know of a change to our review – you never know. But anyways, our first impression was that this was a vape worth trying.

How It Works

You put some water in it, being careful not to get water anywhere but where you’re trying to put it. We like to fill it just passed the little holes, but its maker says not to fill it passed the halfway point. Up to you. But whatever you do, be careful because water and electronics are not a good mix. On that note, it’s a leak-proof design. That doesn’t mean you yourself can’t make a mistake and spill water somewhere you shouldn’t, just that when it’s properly assembled, it will not leak. With that in mind, you’ll really want to make a point to put it together right. Read the instructions/manual if you don’t know what you’re doing. Once you’ve got a hang of it, it’s easy to take apart and put back together. Which is a good thing seeing as you’ll occasionally need to completely disassemble it and then reassemble it in order to properly clean it.

Once you have some water in it and you’re ready to vape. You insert your blend and click the button three times to power it up. After a couple of minutes of vaping, it’ll automatically turn off and you’ll have to heat it back if you want to continue to vape. At this point, if you haven’t and you plan on vaping more from the same packed oven, you’ll want to stir your blend. Do this to ensure an even vaporization because if you don’t and you’ve packed it on the fuller side, you’ll likely notice some uneven vaporization. And if you don’t notice, well, there’s a good chance it’s happening anyways. So stir your blend. Either that or don’t pack it so full.

Hydrology 9 And Concentrates

Does it work with concentrates? Yes. Is it designed for concentrates? No, by which we mean that its manufacturer says nothing about using it with concentrates, leaving the strong impression that it is not intended for use with extracts. However, we’ve done it and it does work. But be super-duper careful because you could damage your vape and/or void your warranty if you try. If you do try though, we suggest using only solid concentrates or nothing that will melt when you hit it with heat. You don’t want it leaking. If it doesn’t leak, you might be able to get away with it – we know we did. And actually, if you’re wondering how it worked, it worked really well. Total surprise. It actually works better with concentrates than with dry blend, or at least that’s how it’s been for us. Perhaps you’ll think otherwise, who knows? But if you ask us, this is definitely the way to go. You just want to make a point to be extra careful about what you put in it and how you go about it. And if you’re really worried, just don’t even do it because there is some inherent risk in doing so.

Hydrology9 Portable Water Filtered VaporizerThe Water Filter

Integrating a water filter into a portable vaporizer is no easy task, especially when you’re paving the way with a patent-pending design – as is the case with the Hydrology9’s water filter. Somehow, it allows for the free flow of air and vapor while managing to pass it through a water filter that doesn’t leak. Intrigued? You should be. This is some next level vape tech right here and we’re surprised that it looks this good. Seriously, look at it and tell us that this is not one beautiful vaporizer. And when you see it with its lights on, with its lights giving you a show for that matter, you’ll really know what we mean when we say that this is one vape that’ll undoubtedly turn some heads. And then there’s the water filter, which is actually useful as it helps cool and smooth the vapor. By the time it reaches you, it’s some of the smoothest vapor you’ll experience. So if that’s something that means a lot to you, how smooth the vapor is, you’ll have to check out this new vape because its vapor just might be the smoothest.

Size Matters

When it comes to the size of a vape, it definitely matters. And while we’re not going to dive too deep into this right now, you can read more about our thoughts on this vape’s portability in the “Portability Analysis” section below. For now, we do want to say that this vape is so big that many of you may not consider it a portable at all even though it does have cordless operation thanks to its internal battery. For those of you that can’t look beyond its large size in the context of it being a portable vaporizer, perhaps think of it as a desktop vape instead. After all, that’s where you’re going to be getting the most use out of it – at home, not on the go.

Temperature Controls

This is a strange aspect of this vape – the temp controls. We’re not going to sit here and say that we love them because we don’t. Yes, they are easy to use. But no, they are not ideal. Our first complaint with them is that we don’t know what temperature we’re actually vaping on when we’re on the different settings, of which there are five. Heck, we don’t even know the temperature range that it offers. And the reason for this lack of insight is due to the fact that as of writing, its manufacturer, the California-based vape startup Cloudious9, has yet to release that information. Why? No idea. But as it stands, finding the right temperature option or options to use is a guessing game. With a little bit of trial and error, you can find the options that work for you. For us, we tend to only use the highest settings when vaping concentrates, something that we don’t advise doing without first assessing the potential risks involved in vaping extracts with a vape that isn’t technically designed to do so, at least not according to its manufacturer. Back to its temperature controls, they’re easy enough to use and with a little effort you’ll figure out which settings you prefer, but it could be better. There could be a digital display and the ability to set the temp in one degree intervals between a range, but we’ll take what we can get when it’s a water filtered cordless vaporizer that does what it’s supposed to: produce vapor and filter it through water. And that is something that it 100% does. It also does more, which is what we’re going to talk about next – the entertainment.

Light Show

There are two light shows to choose from. These are strictly for entertainment purposes as they serve no real function beyond entertaining you and your friends while you vape. To activate them, either press and hold the button for three seconds while it’s not heating up to activate the slow show or do the same while it is heating up and it’ll start the fast show.

Portability Analysis

So here’s where we tell you whether or not it’s actually a portable. While it technically classifies due to its cordless, battery powered design, we’re not going to go ahead and be so quick to label it a portable. If it were truly portable, we’d carry it around with us more often. It’s a bit too much for all that. This isn’t to say you can’t easily stuff it into a backpack and even quite a few purses, it’s just to say that it’s not going to slide in a pocket and go wherever you go – or at least, that hasn’t been the case for us. Plus there’s the glass to worry about. So this is one of those vapes that ends up spending a lot of time around the house where it certainly finds its fair share of use. It’s like the Mighty vaporizer in that sense. While the Mighty, one of the two Storz & Bickel portables, is a “portable” like the Hydrology, it’s really not all that portable due to its clumsy proportions. So it, like the Hydrology, tends to end up being more of a home vape even though it’s cordless and battery powered.

Worth Buying?

This is a question that’s best answered by our complete review on the Vaporizer Shark website, but we’ll address it to a lesser extent here and now to save you time. Still, we strongly suggest checking out the full review on our site because we get into much greater detail in our assessment of this new water filtered vape so you’ll want to read it after if you still have any questions about its viability and worth. Onto our assessment, this is a vape that has its place. For those who need a vape that produces extra smooth vapor, here it is. The vapor is of the smoothest quality that we’ve seen. Definitely top tier in that regard. In other aspects, the vapor could stand to see some improvement, but if it’s just smooth vapor that you’re after, this vape is more than capable of providing it. For those in need of a portable, you’re going to have to take a look at some other portable vaporizers, like these ones here, because this just isn’t all that portable. But if home use is what you’re after, you have a serious contender right here. To see what we really think about it and to gauge how it fares against its competitors, check out our in-depth Hydrology 9 vaporizer review on our website.

Vaporizer Video

Here’s a video put together by the manufacturer which shows the Hydrology 9 vaporizer in all of its portable water filtering glory.

New Review: Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo II, as it maker likes to refer to it, is a bit larger than what you might expect from a portable vaporizer designed for dried blends but it’s still a whole lot more portable than Arizer’s Extreme Q, which is designed for the desktop but does have a battery pack that makes it cordless for those of you who don’t already know. Now while it’s not the smallest, it is small enough that we have managed to put it into some pockets. If you’re thinking a small pocket on your pants, you might want to think again. While it might fit there, there’s a chance it’ll be a tight squeeze. But if you have baggy pockets on your pants or a big pocket on your jacket, you can easily stash it away. Then again, you can also clip it to your belt using its belt-clip carrying case accessory. But if you’re trying to be a bit more discreet, a big pocket, purse, or backpack should suffice. So it’s not the most portable, that much is clear. But it’s still a more than worthwhile vape and we’re going to tell you why.

The Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer
This is the portable vaporizer known as the Arizer Solo II. It’s a conduction style portable with a digital temperature control system that’s designed to vaporize dried blends on the go. You can click the image above to read our full review on our website at VaporizerShark.com

For one, the new Solo has digital temperature controls – something the original didn’t have, at least not like this. The original had preset temps and just a couple of handfuls to choose from, less even. Which hardly compares to the wide range of temperatures that the new version offers, all of which accessible via the builtin digital temperature controls, which entail a big display and buttons to push the temp up and down. Easy to use? Super easy to use. We love it. Reminds us of the Mighty by Storz & Bickel or the Ascent, only a much better display than the Ascent in our opinion. It also has more battery life than the original, which is good because who wouldn’t want more? The original had enough but this extended battery life, which is about double what the original offers, is that much more – easily enough to get through the day even if you share some of that precious battery life with your friends. It’s also, in a general sense, much more powerful.

How’s the Vapor?

The vapor is really one of the big talking points here for a couple of reasons: it’s one of the most important variables to assess and it’s one of the aspects where the Solo 2 really shines. The vapor quality we see coming out of the new Solo is super impressive. This is serious vapor production and we wouldn’t expect any less from Arizer. They’ve shown a lot of improvement with the new version and this is one area where there’s no exception – the vapor is definitely better with the S2 and the original. A job well done in this regard. It’s tasty, thick, and pure. And where it’s not quite that smooth, you can make it smoother with a water piece attached to it, which is something you can actually do thanks to the adapter that Arizer makes for it. Really all of the bases covered, except for one: the draw resistance. It really could have less draw resistance. While this isn’t an issue, it does make it a little less pleasant to use. But if you can get over that, or if you can master a little trick to decrease the draw resistance we outlined in our in-depth Arizer Solo 2 review published on our site, you’ll absolutely love using this vape. Its vapor production is out of this world. Definitely top tier as far as vapor production goes. You’ll be hard pressed to find a dry blend portable that produces better vapor than this bad boy here.

Precision Temperature Control

When it comes to controlling this vape’s temp, Arizer makes it easy. Instead of limiting your options, the S2 offers a full range of vaping temps to choose from. And accessing them is made easy via the display, which shows the current and set temps, and temperature adjustment buttons that let you make adjustments on the fly with great ease and a high level of precision. This is basically a home run as far as we’re concerned, Arizer really hit it out of the park with the S2’s temp controls and it shows, especially in comparison to the original Solo vaporizer’s.

How does it work?

The Solo 2 uses conduction to heat the blend. When you draw on it, the vapor travels from the stainless steel bowl through the glass mouthpiece and to your mouth. There are a few different options as far as mouthpieces/stems are concerned. You can use the straight one, one with a mouthpiece tip, a bent one, and even attach it to your favorite water piece and hit it through that. Whatever option you choose, you’ll almost certainly be impressed with the outcome. After you’re done, it’ll turn off automatically thanks to its auto-shutoff timer. A lot of the features it has can be accessed/controlled through the menu which you access by clicking the big button in between the temperature control buttons. We suggest setting the startup timer to the lowest interval so you can get to vaping quicker when you first turn it on.

To help explain how it works, here’s a video published on YouTube by Got Vape, one of the most well known names in the vaporizer industry.

Arizer Solo 2 Tips

Want some tips on how to use it? We’ve compiled some here for you to enjoy. We have more information on how to use the Arizer Solo 2 on our website at VaporizerShark.com so be sure to head on over there and check out our complete Solo 2 review to learn more if you’re not finding what you want to learn here in this brief review summary we’ve shared here on our blog on WordPress.

  • Really grind your blend up well because if you grind it well and pack it loose while you vape at high temps, you’ll get some SERIOUS vapor production. No exaggeration here – you’re going to be impressed with the vapor it spits out when you vape like this.
  • Try lifting the stem up a little bit so that some air can flow through the bottom if you’re having trouble with draw resistance.
  • Want to make the vapor smoother? Use the water adapter to connect your favorite water piece.
  • Buy the car charger if you spend a lot of time on the road, it’ll help ensure that you’re never out of juice when you want to use it.
  • Share it with your friends. They’re going to love you for it.

Comparison: Arizer Solo VS Solo 2

How do these two vapes stack up against each other? That’s a great question to ask. Why bother getting the new one instead of the old one? The answer is simple: because it’s better. But why exactly it’s better is something we’ll explain to you. It has improved battery life, more power, better vapor, better temperature controls, a wide temperature range, and it’s even a little bit smaller. All in all, it’s just clearly superior. If you have to choose, definitely go with the new one because it’s that much better. But if you do have to pickup the original instead for whatever reason, be it the cost or what have you, you will not be disappointed because even though it’s inferior to the Solo II, it’s still a really good vape. Absolutely solid in our book. You’ll love it. You’ll just love the new version that much more. We wrote about this topic much more extensively in an article we published on LinkedIn, titled: “Why The Arizer Solo 2 Is That Much Better Than The Original Solo Vaporizer” – a long title we admit, but it gets the point across, no?

The Heat Up Time

Why is this a big deal? That answer should be obvious but if it’s not here’s why: waiting around for your vape to heat up when you want to get to vaping as quickly as possible is awful. So when your vape takes minutes to heat up and you’re trying to take some quick puffs and be on your way, you’re going to wish you went with a vape like the Solo 2 instead. It heats up in less than a minute. Less than 30 seconds for that matter. It is, needless to say, impressive. You will not be disappointed with the heat up time. Still, there are better – the Firefly 2 in particular comes to mind with its near-instant heat up time. But when it comes to heat up times in general, the S2 is definitely on the right side of the equation.

Who is the Solo 2 designed for?

This is the kind of vape that you could give to a first time vaper with a packed stem and tell them where to stick it and they’d probably figure out the rest on their own. It’s that easy. It’s also great for experiences vapers who just need a really good portable vape and don’t mind the extra size (it’s not the smallest) because it pushes out vapor like it’s a plugin vape only it’s 100% portable. So it really doesn’t matter who you are, there’s a good chance this hi-quality portable Arizer vaporizer is a good fit for you so long as quality vapor, ease of use, and dry blends only is what you have in mind. Although, we do want to note that if you check out our full review on our site, you will find more information on its potential to vape concentrates so if you’re curious about that — whether it can vape various forms of extracts — be sure to check out our complete review, which we’ll link to again at the bottom of this article in case you missed it earlier.

How does it compare to the Arizer Air?

This is an interesting comparison and while we have tested the Air, we have yet to publish a review for it on our website. However, we did notice an Arizer Air review on VapeGuide.com that’s more or less in line with our own view on it after having tested it somewhat extensively so if you want to learn more about it, you can always take a look at their review. But for now, we’ll offer a quick breakdown on the differences in order to explain why we prefer the Solo 2 even though it is quite a bit bigger. Basically, the Solo 2 is better in every way with two exceptions: portability (size) and battery life. While the Solo 2’s battery actually lasts longer, the Air offers a feature that we love to see in portable vapes: the ability to swap out a dead battery for a fresh one. So as soon as it’s done, no need to wait for it to recharge, you can just move on to the next. But it is worth noting that the Solo 2 does have the ability to be used while it’s charging so there’s no actually waiting for it to recharge – only you do have to plug it in to recharge which temporarily transforms it into a plugin vaporizer. Once it’s adequately charged, back to a portable. But then there’s the size difference. The Air is the right size but it lacks in features and quality what the Solo 2 delivers in stride. Both are good but the Solo 2 is better. However, if you need something smaller, the Arizer Air is an excellent alternative.

Basic Maintenance

Keeping the Solo II clean isn’t the easiest task but it’s far from difficult. There are definitely portables that are far more of a pain to clean. This is definitely one of the easiest we’ve come across thus far. All you do is pull the stem, drop it in isoproyl alcohol (ISO) and let it soak for a while then rinse it under warm water and let it dry. Take a cotton swab of sorts and gently dip it in some ISO and use it to clean the oven area. Make sure you run some temp cycles after to burn off any leftover residue and you’re good to go. That’s basic maintenance for you. Couldn’t be easier.

Learn More

To learn more about the Arizer Solo II, check out our complete review on our website, which you can find here: https://vaporizershark.com/arizer-solo-2-review/

That link will take you directly to our complete Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer review on our website at VaporizerShark.com, which is where you’ll find a much more in-depth analysis of the new Solo along with additional technical information, tips, and various insights. You’ll also find more comparisons in which we compare it to its most formidable competitors to see how it fares – competitors which include the likes of the newest Pax vaporizer, the Pax 3, and the newest Storz & Bickel vaporizers, the Crafty and Mighty, and others. You definitely want to check it out if you still have questions about the Solo 2 or just want to learn more about it in general. And while you’re there, you’ll find additional vaporizer reviews as well as reviews of vaporizer accessories, not to mention our growing repository of vaping guides and vapor industry news updates. So in a general sense, if you just want to learn more about vaping and the products that compose the industry, head on over to our site and take a stroll through the world of vaporization with us as your guide.

This Solo 2 review was brought to you by Vaporizer Shark. We review vaporizers. Visit us on the web at VaporizerShark.com and follow us Instagram and Twitter @ VaporizerShark!