Like Celebrity Vaper Whoopi Goldberg, We Too Penned A Love Letter To Our Vaporizer

While our title is perhaps slightly inaccurate due to the fact that Whoopi Goldberg actually penned a column for The Cannabist, which is owned by The Denver Post, we wrote a love letter to our favorite vaporizer – only ours is a desktop, not a portable.

Vaporizer Love Letter

We should clarify though, we love portables and we love desktops, but if we absolutely had to choose just one, there’s a reasonable chance we’d go with a desktop because one desktop vape in particular really stands out from the rest of the vapes out there and that’s the Volcano. Both of them. They’re killer vapes that have been the reigning kings of plugin vapes for years and years and years. You get the point. So we put together a piece in which we confessed our love in a style reminiscent of what Goldberg penned for The Cannabist. Want to see it? You can find it on Wattpad, where we published it under the title: “A Love Letter To My Favorite Vaporizer”. Catchy name, right?

For reference, we only recently made an account on Wattpad, like literally hours ago. The reason why we did it is simple: we like to read, we like to write, and we like to user the internet. So it just made sense. Now we’re on there and since we’re there, knowing ourselves, we knew we’d eventually start sharing our own writings and this piece, our love letter to our favorite vape, is one of our earliest shares. But before it, we actually shared another vaping related piece, which is actually a short story (or so we labeled/categorized it). This one, quite different, is actually a bit of history mixed with a bit of imagination, but written in an almost auto-biographical sense, only from a third party perspective. Anyhow, it’s a short read, as they both are, so if you have a few minutes and read fast, you could probably read them both. Then again, perhaps that’s of little interest to you and something shinier will catch your eye first and with a click you’ll be gone. That’s just the way the internet is and we understand that, which is why we’re just going to leave you with this link to our short story and move on to the next topic before you get bored!

“I’ll sit and reminisce of all the good times we’ve had, all he good times we’ve had together.”

The quote above is taken straight from our “love letter” to our favorite vape. To add more context, we were talking about what we’d do in the aftermath of our favorite vaporizer’s demise. Fortunately, that day won’t seemingly by anytime soon thanks to the high quality exhibited by the Volcano and the excellent customer support that Storz & Bickel offers through their U.S.-based subsidiary, Storz & Bickel NA (North America), which is actually based just across the water from San Francisco is the less globally recognized Bay Area city of Oakland, California.

In case you’re wondering what we’ll share next on Wattpad, which we ourselves couldn’t tell you right now, you can always follow us on there to stay current. Our username there is VaporizerShark (surprise!). It’s hard to say right now at what rate we’ll be sharing stories there since we’re new and still getting a feel for it. Basically, we have yet to decide how much we really like the publishing platform and community so we’re just going to have to wait things out a bit and see. But in the meantime, you can rest assured that we’ll be continuing to update our website a on a regular basis. And this blog too for that matter. So follow them both. Follow it all. Just follow something so you don’t hurt our feelings (lol). Thanks! 🙂